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From the very beginning of his Administration in 2017, President Trump has been committed to ending Human Trafficking.

President Trump’s Justice Department launched an effort in 2019 to prosecute Jeffrey Epstein. For decades Epstein operated his “Pedophile Island” while protected by a network of powerful elites. Epstein was an open-secret among the world’s powerful, rich and famous. His previous 2008 prosecution and conviction resulted in a $128,000 fine, and a slap-on-the hand incarceration with unlocked doors for 12 hours a day over the span of thirteen months. The other 12 hours were spent in his mansion. He was released from detention early to spend the remaining five months of his eighteen month sentence on house-arrest.

Epstein’s second July 6th 2019 criminal arrest was a shock to many. His 2008 plea deal granted his associates immunity, and in the eyes of “the law” Epstein’s debt to society was paid.

The jail “suicide” death of Epstein on August 19th 2019 happened while two guards slept, and both video surveillance cameras focused on his cell simultaneously malfunctioned. CCTV recordings of perimeter areas were either unusable or lost through “clerical error.” This tsunami of coincidences was no surprise considering the list of elites linked to Epstein’s pedophile operation.

Why All The Fuss?

The real panic among the elites began in earnest when Geoffrey S. Berman was forced to step down as US Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York on June 19th of 2020. Berman was in-charge of the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein at the time of Epstein’s death, and was also in charge of the Hillary Clinton email server case. Not only did he stonewall the Epstein case; but Berman refused to request a deposition of Hillary Clinton for deleting over 33,000 documents of evidence from the Clinton servers.  Berman was replaced by Jay Clayton of the Securities Exchange Commission who subsequently proceeded with both cases.

By the time Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested on July 2nd of 2020, the gods of our power elite were starting to sweat; even those who claimed they couldn’t. These titans of finance pay any price to shield their favorite activities from public scrutiny. They consider themselves above the law; and they may very well be.

The Coverups Resume

An example of the Financial Elite’s power came on July 1st, 2020, ironically just one day before Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested. A Federal Judge ordered the destruction of all evidence possessed by Virginia Guiffre’s attorneys related to Jeffrey Epstein. Guiffre is the primary accuser of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew. She has also been the most vocal and visible victim in the case.

It seems that Jay Clayton determined Ghislaine Maxwell was not to be prosecuted by the Federal Sex Crimes Unit; but rather through the Public Corruption Unit. Trump’s Justice Department was not only after Maxwell; but the long list of public figures who were compromised and used to betray their oaths of office.

On August 14th of 2020, the Federal Appeals Court for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that Hillary Clinton could not be deposed for deleting 33,000 documents from her email server. She too was above the law.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” said the Great and Powerful Oz to Dorothy.

“There is no such thing as Pizzagate!”

“The Frazzeldrip child snuff film is a right-wing conspiracy theory.”

“Bill Clinton did not ride on the Lolita Express twenty-six times.”

“Hollywood stars, television news anchors, music and sports legends, academic figures, rich industrialists, politicians, and royalty never visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island, and would never have sex with minors.”

The mainstream media continues to ignore all things related to human trafficking, and instead point their finger at their villain of the universe; Donald J. Trump. According to the mainstream media, the only hope for mankind, and the very survival of the planet Earth itself, is the removal of President Trump and an end to the evil racist environment-raping Republic of the United States!

Trump’s Impact on Human Trafficking

On October 2nd 2020, US Marshals Office Director Donald Washington stated that approximately 1,300 trafficked children were rescued during the Trump Administration. There have also been 12,470 arrests of those involved in human trafficking operations since President Trump took Office.

President Trump signed nine bills into law to combat human trafficking. These included $35 million in grants to victims, plus executive orders seizing the assets of human rights abusers and allocating those assets to their victims. Never before had so much money and so many resources been allocated to stop human trafficking.

Under Jeff Sessions, human trafficking was made top priority of the Department of Justice. This is when high profile arrests among politicians, law enforcement, the rich, and the famous began.

First to go down in 2018 was the world’s largest online marketplace for sex trafficking. After Craigslist ended their “Personals Ads,” Backpage had become the largest market for both adult and child sex trafficking. The DOJ seizure in January of 2018 of Backpage brought an end to the biggest platform for online sex trafficking in nearly a hundred countries.

Investigations in 2018 began to net the highest level human rights arrests and prosecutions ever. Bill Cosby would be tried and convicted and Kevin Spacey would face greater scrutiny over his sexual improprieties with a fourteen year-old. Harvey Weinstein was arrested on May 24th 2018 for sexual assault and rape, the first charges from over 80 accusers.

Keith Raneire, co-founder of the NXIVM sex cult was arrested March 15th 2018 on child pornography charges. Two other NXIVM sex recruiters and traffickers were arrested also. Smallville actress Allison Mack was arrested on April 20th 2018, and Seagram heiress Claire Bronfman arrested on July 24th, 2018; both were later prosecuted and convicted.

In 2019 came even higher profile arrests, the biggest being Jeffrey Epstein.

President Trump and General Milley also announced the presence of a major covert military take-down of drug and human trafficking operations primarily at the Mexican Border. They were also instrumental in the extradition of Eric Eoin Marques the “Kingpin of Child Porn;” an Irish National held in Romania.

A major US probe into the militarized Mexican Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), formerly Los Matas Zetas and Los Torcidos Drug Cartel was launched. Along with their operations throughout Northern Mexico, the Yucatan, and the Country of Guatemala, the CJNG also claims turf in California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, and Texas. This group not only trafficked in drugs; but also human beings, most of which were women and children for the sex industry. For those not familiar with their prominence in Mexico, “Los Zetas” are the group responsible for dumping truckloads of naked, dismembered and often decapitated bodies, or trash-bags filled with body parts, in urban areas along the Mexican Border. These are high profile crimes in the Mexican press; but are totally disregarded by mainstream media in the United States.

Another group investigated during the probe was the Salvadoran Mara Salvatrucha, MS-13. Mara Salvatrucha had formed in the 1970s and 1980s in the California Prison System and subsequently took over organized crime in their native El Salvador. MS-13, with 8,000 to 10,000 members, is one of the most ruthless gangs operating in the United States.

This probe into CJNG and MS-13 netted 760 arrests for drugs and human trafficking. These clandestine operations by the US Military continue to this day.

Thanks to the Border Wall and the efforts of ICE, human trafficking into the United States is down 96% from the time that President Trump took office.

Business as Usual

Still, the mainstream media remains silent on the subject of Human Trafficking. Never mind the seventy-one trafficked children between the ages of 6 and 17 recovered from Indiana, Ohio, and Georgia. US Marshals recovered these children during “Operation Not Forgotten” between mid-August and September 3rd of 2020.

A “Save the Children” protest to bring awareness of child sex trafficking was held in the heart of Hollywood, in the nexus of California ritual abuse. The protest, in late July through early August of 2020, received no mainstream media coverage whatsoever. In a desperate attempt to draw media attention, protestors even stormed the Hollywood offices of CNN; with no mention. If protests were acknowledged by the news at all, they were “Almost Peaceful Protests” in Portland that incidentally involved arson and assaults. Though the mortality rate for Covid-19 is only 0.13% in the United States, the need for Mail-in Ballots during the Pandemic dominated the News.

The Real Pandemic

In truth, human trafficking is the true pandemic, and it is also a very lucrative trade with estimated annual revenues of over $150 billion. In 2016, before President Trump took Office, the US State Department estimated that 57,700 aliens were trafficked into the country every year. Of the aliens smuggled across the border, 70% were women and children for sexual exploitation. As for domestic figures, one study by the US Department of Health and Human services estimated that a further 240,000 to 425,000 American women and children are forced into sexual slavery every year.

According to the US Marshal’s Service, 421,000 children in the United States disappear annually, with 91% considered endangered runaways and one-sixth likely to become sex trafficking victims.

According to the advocacy group “Into Freedom,” the average life expectancy of a sex-trafficking victim is under seven years. During their captivity, they are raped over 6,000 times. Only one out of every hundred sex trafficking victims ever escapes. In many jurisdictions, authorities facilitate human trafficking, with politicians deriving much of the profit.

The internet has become the single largest hub for sex trafficking. Victims of trafficking are marketed through porn sites, social media like Tinder and TicToc, or phishing online dating sites. Hotels and motels are the largest venue for the physical sale of sex trafficking victims, followed by major sporting events. Further down the list are private homes and apartments, spas, massage parlors, nightclubs and casinos. Much of the activity goes on in plain sight.

Why isn’t the media covering any of this? Why is the Epstein case and child trafficking being swept under the rug?

Follow the Money

Take a look at the leaked list of names associated with flights on the Lolita Express to Little St. James Island. The list will be expanding because Trump’s Justice Department has subpoenaed all travel logs for the past twenty years from not only the Boeing 727 Lolita Express; but also Epstein’s helicopters and many boats. Some documents have been unsealed, and the manifest lists provided in evidence are due to be released soon. Once outed officially, we can expect some of our most popular celebrities to disappear from view.

On November 7th of 2019, The Tennessee Star published Rick Manning’s article Commentary: Disney’s Jeffrey Epstein Coverup Reveals How Corrupt Media Is. Not only had Disney’s ABC News franchise bury investigative reports and evidence about Epstein for 11 years; but

it came to light that Epstein’s Little St. James Island was a snorkeling destination for Disney ‘Magical Kingdom’ Cruise Lines.

In more recent Disney news, Disney’s purchase of FOX News from Rupert Murdoch for $70 billion in April of 2020 may have gone over the top. The purchase of FOX removed the sole reliable conservative pro-Trump voice during the election year. Since that time Disney Cruises have been suspended since early September of 2020 with only one cruise offered in December. There is also the announced layoff of 28,000 cast members from Disneyland and Disney World Orlando. Many other employees in the electrician’s union have also been given notice. These shutdowns and layoffs are being blamed on the Coronavirus. Yet, when we consider that they spent $70 billion for FOX in March, and now are $40 billion in the red, with $20 billion in losses expected by years end. Mismanagement was the most likely culprit, not the Pandemic. Was the removal of Donald J. Trump from office so important to Disney that they would sacrifice their theme parks and cruise lines?

The Financial Elites are betting on a big win for the Democrats in 2020. They control 90% of mainstream media, television and radio networks, print publications, Hollywood stars and producers, music and sports celebrities, social media sites, search engines, academia and many labor unions. Members of “The Club” are also bankrolling Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Such a win in November will bring a halt to human trafficking investigations and a return to “normal.”

Legalization of Pedophilia

Meanwhile, attempts are being made to normalize pedophilia as a socially acceptable sexual orientation in the eyes of the public. This was done once before in Germany. According to Deutsche Welle News (DW), for over thirty years West Berlin Authorities in Social Services placed homeless children under the care of pedophiles in what was known as the “Kentler Project.” The program, run by psychologist Helmut Kentler of the University of Hildesheim, placed thousands of children into the hands of a network of child molesters operating from German educational institutions, including the Max Planck Institute, Berlin Free University and the Odenwald School. The Berlin government even provided a financial care allowance to the pedophiles. This practice was condoned by Berlin authorities because academic studies by Kentler supported pedophilia as a healthy and normal practice.

Can we be assured that such institutional pedophile operations are not being conducted through Child Protective Services in the United States? Over a decade ago, Georgia Senator Nancy Shaefer published a report The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services and introduced it as evidence in the US Senate. In her report, Senator Shaiffer detailed a number of cases where children were knowingly placed into child prostitution rings by corrupt Child Protective Service Case Workers. On October 26th, 2010, Senator Shaefer and her husband of 52 years were discovered dead in their Turnerville, Georgia home from single gunshots. Police determined the deaths to be a murder-suicide, though both showed no indication of marital trouble or despondence, and no suicide notes left. The matter of child sex trafficking by Child Protective Services came to an immediate halt.

The many Hollywood and television celebrities on the Lolita Express manifest have led to California’s rush to normalize pedophilia. According to an article in RedState by Brandon Morse titled The Normalization of Pedophilia is underway, and a California University is Already Trying to Push it on Students. In 2019, the University of California San Diego studied pedophilia as a normal sexual orientation, giving it the same legitimacy as homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality. Will we soon see a “P” added to LGBTQ? California State Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco introduced Senate Bill 145 on January 22nd of 2019. The Bill removes sex offender registration requirements for pedophiles who had intercourse with a minor within 10 years of their age. Both the California Assembly and Senate passed this bill and it was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 11th, 2020.

Netflix is running a movie titled “Cuties” about a group of eleven year old girls involved in scantily clad and sexually provocative dance. Critics in mainstream media have gushed over this work of child pornography as a “Coming of Age Film” and an important social statement about sexual exploitation that is a must to watch. I suppose a film displaying actual live torture of puppies by sadists would be an important statement about animal cruelty; the logic of the film critics escapes me. A sizable number of Netflix customers have voiced their own opinion by canceling their subscriptions.

In the Shadows

Powerful forces working in the shadows where dark secrets have no bounds. Til brought to light, we can only speculate about the depths of their criminal activity. Are there far darker forces afoot than simple child molestation? The tale of Little St. James Island and the Lolita Express may be more extensive and extreme than anyone dare mention.

Should people of wealth, power and celebrity be above the law? Come November, if Democrats take the election, the Epstein and Maxwell case will once again fade into obscurity. “The News” simply won’t cover it; for many of the offenders own The News.

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hot Line (1-888-373-7888)

Recognizing the Signs of Human Trafficking

Liz Crokin Documentary “President Trump’s War on Human Trafficking”


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    1. Tim Ballard is an ex CIA operative. They’re directly linked to Epstein and we’re aware of his operation probably from day one considering Bar’s father hired him to work at the Dalton school. I wouldn’t trust him, nor his organization.

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