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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – February 10, 2022

Blue State governors are rushing for the exits, trying to get out from
the corner Mask Mandates have painted them into.  With the complete
obliteration of a two year masking hoax being the message broadcast
around the world, politicians in “Blue States” suddenly found “Fauci’s
science” has left them hanging out to dry. Countries all over the world
are either protesting masking and vaccine mandates or their governments
have been forced to lift the restrictions.  Liberal states such as
Oregon, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware can’t move away fast
enough from universal mask mandates.  Many  more states have elected to
let parents decide whether their children need to wear masks in school. 
Even deep blue California is set to remove the mask mandate for indoors
activities in a few days.  Hair Gel must be sweating bullets as his
emergency powers are set to be voted on in the morning.

Questions about what “medical experts” have been saying about masking
since the Pandemic began have come bubbling to the surface.  Reports
that health experts who planned how to respond to a virus outbreak prior
to the Covid Pandemic have been exposed as  knowing  masking would be
ineffective.  In fact masking was not even considered as a
nonpharmaceutical intervention in the case vaccines were not yet
available.  Isolation was the only suggestion for communities of the
sick and the sick only.  When all is revealed will politicians, medical
Covid porn purveyors, and the media hysterics be held accountable.  Try
not to hold your breath.

As the Pandemic is sinking faster than the Titanic, many blue state
leaders continue to cling to the notion that school children should be
forced to wear facemasks.  School Boards and teachers unions are at the
forefront of this travesty.  The president of the National Education
Association was caught stating that children should wear masks forever. 
Nice that unions are so considerate of their charges.  The pressure is
mounting to suspend masking and vaccine mandates worldwide.  It is
inconceivable that the least likely to be negatively affected by the
virus are for many states the last to be freed from this gross violation
of their freedom to choose.  Children should not become political pawns
in the current political theater of politicians and bureauocrats who do
not wish to loose their power.

The Biden administration should understand that they have the most to
loose when the nation for the most part frees themselves from federal
administration Covid policy and the fraudulent Centers for Disease
Control.  Recent activity in the form of Blue state abandonment of
federal mandates has even Congress rethinking policies that have emerged
during the crisis.  Will federal restrictions on travel domestically and
internationally be suspended, masking on commercial transport be
eliminated, vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and the military be
revoked?   Is the Biden administration going to listen to the “real”
science that has been there all along instead of what Anthony Fauci made
up out of thin air?

Many European Countries are planning or have already begun to open up
their borders to travelers.  More to do so by late Spring.  It seems
that the whole world has become weary of all that the Pandemic entails. 
The message is loud and clear that normalcy is to be restored if
government, politicians, the media, and even the medical establishment
wish to remain relevant.  A growing number of the earth’s population is
tired of the lies and prevarication that has spewed forth over the past
two years. Faith in government has sunk to an all time low.  “Science”
in 2020 and 2021 as we were told has now evolved into “science” in 2022
and the two aren’t remotely similar.

2 thoughts on “The Masking Fraud Comes Crashing Down, mRNA Vaccines Soon To Follow”
  1. Yesterday assistant superintendent puts out a text that the school plans on locking students up in a room if they refuse to wear a mask to school. If this isn’t a hostage situation I don’t know what is. Looks like DNUSD will be faced with lawsuits for false imprisonments.??

  2. Biden’s faculties have fallen so far, he cant’ keep up with the fake narrative or notice the entire is world is telling him to F off everytime someone chants Let’s Go Branden.. let alone notice that even the Old World is passing Western Civilization by throwing out the Covid NWO Truman Show. He can’t even mascarade anymore that his administration and his pants are full of crap.

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