Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A video that explains in FIVE minutes the Middle East conflict. The easiest to explain, but the hardest to solve.

4 thoughts on “The Middle East Problem”
  1. Tony what world do you live in? or maybe I should ask what TV station do you watch does it come direct from Palestine?, Tony you are so uninformed.

  2. Israel is an apartheid state carrying out an ethnic cleansing funded by both major parties in the United States government. Your online rag is ran by ahistorical nutjobs.

    1. Hamas can never lead Palestine. Take a few minutes and watch on YouTube: “Son of Hamas leader breaks silence: They must be stopped” Be aware that the rain has destroyed the Hamas
      tunnels. Sending any financial aid to Palestine would be foolish at this point. You are obviously confused about “ethnic cleansing” because Hamas wants to destroy Jewish and Christian
      and American lives. Nut job? Look in a mirror.

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