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By Linda Sutter – May 10, 2016 –

Hey! I want a new Kirby Vacuum cleaner. I had a guy come over and demonstrate how effective the Kirby vacuum is. And then after the demonstration he popped a $4,500 price tag on this much wanted Kirby Vacuum.

“I can’t afford that,” was my reply as I picked my jaw up off the floor. “Well,” he replied, “can you afford $20.00 a month for next 10 years.” I kindly showed the man to the door.

Our County was given a similar scenario. The Federal Government waved that $17 million dollar golden chain in front of their eyes., all you have to come up with is $3,334,000 up front money for a shiny new AIRPORT TERMINAL. Hence, the golden chain dangled in front of a couple of monkey’s, namely Supervisor’s Chris Howard and Dave Finigan, and you know what happened next? They said, “No problem, we will get the Board of Supervisors to pass this.”

Last night Sue Daughtery and Matt Lautiner both overseeing the Airport project presented their money figures to the City Council in Brookings, Oregon. Now The city council in Brookings, Oregon are very conscientious of how they spend their taxpayers dollars.  They were very kind and informed the two people working for the airport that Brookings would not be joining in this venture at this time because it appears no one else has jumped into the pot except the Board of Supervisors of Del Norte County.  So, the City Council of Brookings tabled the decision for a later date.

Crescent City, City Council was so generous to give $20,000 per year for the next five years but that was for the Runway Safety Area and of course our sewer and water rates may go up for the next four years, go figure. The Crescent City, City Council want to wait until after the election date before they make a decision. Imagine that.

The Tolowa De Nation, have remained silent on this and won’t even call anyone back in regards to donating money towards the new terminal project. And, Elk Valley Rancheria, well, they originally gave $500,000 but that was utilized for the Runway Safety Area Project, and I doubt that they will be donating any more money toward the Terminal because they have a pending lawsuit against the Bertsch Tract Oceanview, and have their sights on getting their new hotel, casino, and restaurant constructed at the Martin Ranch.

So today, before the Supervisors made a decision to take out this $3,334,000 USDA loan, it was announced that they are breaking ground for the new terminal event which will occur on May 18, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.  And, before the Supervisors made a decision to take out this USDA loan it was already determined that Hemmingsen’s Tidewater Company won the excavation contract for the terminal project. So tell me ladies and gentlemen, why do we need a vote when the Supervisors already have it in their minds that they are going to spend hard earned tax payers money for a brand new shiny terminal that no one can eat off of, most will not be flying anywhere, and we the people will once again be in debt to the point of no return?

Their answer to that question is ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. That’s right, economic development, for construction workers, for golfers, and tourists, but not quite for vendors who may want to operate in the Terminal as that is another can of worms no one is discussing. Economic Development for 50 people who fly in and out of here per day, which comes out to 1500 per month. What is the percentage compared to 11,000 people who are on welfare who will never use this terminal? What is the cost benefit to the consumer? I can personally tell you there is no cost benefit.

Here are the hard questions that no one wants to talk about. How are we going to pay for this terminal? Where is the extra money coming from? What services will be cut? Deputies? Welfare? Child support division? District Attorney Office? Who will be displaced from their employment?

Folks, we don’t need monkeys that go after shiny new gold chains for government. We need a government that will bring in new industry that will compliment and support our community without taking away from the people but rather benefiting the people.

  1. THE FUNDING THEY RECEIVED FROM THE FEDS WAS FOR A RUNWAY SAFETY AREA…NOT AN EXTENSION….we do need a new terminal but, we can’t afford those payments for the next 20 years without someone losing their job….but, maybe we could cut two positions for the next 20 years…the highest two paid positions in the county that are not elected positions….just a thought

  2. Maybe, they should get some funding to lengthen the Runway so Jet Aircraft could come to Crescent City. It would be nice to get a flight connection to places other than Portland, Oregon. I drove out to look at the Airport Terminal last week it looked a little outdated but functional. If that gets more Airlines transporting more people to where they want to go it might generate more money to refurbish the Airport Terminal in the future.

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