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By  THE HUEY REPORT – March 29, 2023

Craig Huey

This is the most important election of 2023.

It impacts the 2024 Presidential election, but it is in Wisconsin… a swing state.

In the 2024 election, Wisconsin will be deciding many important legal issues regarding the presidential election and could determine the election outcome.

That’s why the radical left has poured millions of dollars to have ultra-radical Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz win the race over conservative Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly in the April 4 election.

This race will decide who will control Wisconsin’s court system.

For Wisconsin voters… if the radical judicial activist wins, it will be bad for their economy, for law and order, crime, abortion, and many other issues.

But for the nation, it can help swing the presidential election one way or another.

Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood, the Democrat National Committee, and radical groups like Indivisible have endorsed and financially helped this radical judge.

On the campaign trail, Protasiewicz has made weakening abortion laws her central campaign issue.

Kelly is a strict constructionist and has a consistent record of opposing anything other than interpreting the Constitution. He does not rule cases based on his feelings, his point of view, or politics. He rules based on the Constitution, protecting the rule of law.

Back in April 2022, the conservative-held Wisconsin court ruled 4 to 3… 1 vote in favor of redistricting neighborhoods maps drawn up by Wisconsin Republican lawmakers to be fairer and just to how districts are drawn.

The victory was down to just a single vote.

This has become a major campaign issue the judicial activist wants to change.

Across America, thousands of radical Democrats are not just making donations to win this race but also using:

  • Text banks.
  • Phone banks.
  • Emails personalized.

All are being done by a trained army from every state in America.

They can target voters using advanced data to mobilize… and fool… voters in Wisconsin to vote for the judicial activist.

We only have a couple of weeks to ensure the strict constructionist wins.

We need to be able to engage judgevoterguide.com users in Wisconsin to vote. And we need to use our advanced targeted list to get out the vote for Dan Kelly.

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