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By Samuel Strait – August 9, 2016 – My take as follows:

It would appear that our local Editor of the Triplicate, Robin Fornoff, is making another effort to resurrect what has become a largely irrelevant “opinion page” in the local print newspaper by offering a monthly column produced by Will Meriwether, a history and political science instructor at the local community college. In his inaugural column in Saturday’s Triplicate, we get a flavor of what it is to be.  Yawn.

Titled “Like It Or Not, the Federal Gov’t impacts us every day”, Mr. Meriwether proceeds to lecture us about how he intends discuss the relationship between the local community and the Federal Government.  Of course there is no “real time” way of making it a discussion, thanks to Editor Fornoff, so it will become one local man’s view, as if that really matters to most of us.  It might of course be nice, if Mr. Meriwether, a history instructor, would start by explaining just why is it that the Federal government has such a big foot print locally, when the Constitution strictly prohibits most of which Mr. Meriwether states are Federal programs that impact both this State and us here locally.

It is some what amusing for him to begin his column with a laundry list of Federal programs that he describes as “beneficial” locally  when all that they really do is create more hurdles for an already morbid economy.  I’m fairly certain that calling dependency programs such as food stamps, cash aid, social security as more benefits to the local citizenry is his way of stimulating that same stagnant economy.  So I guess this is how those benefits work;  we , those of us that pay taxes, send our money each April 15th to Washington and in return we have seen no improvement in the economy for twenty five years.  We can’t get the Feds to cough up money to fix last chance grade.  The airport doesn’t have enough passengers to lengthen the runway so we are stuck with a pointless new terminal.   No money to pay for the wastewater treatment plant which we can’t pay for.  And 80% plus of land here tied up in Conservation with no compensation from the Feds for our lovely Parks and Wilderness areas.  Just to mention a few of the “benefits” of having the Federal government impact our lives from 3000 miles away.

While I am sure Mr. Meriwether, were he to respond to this condemnation of our Federal benefits, it would go something like this, only the Federal government has the ability to think for us in order for us to get the “correct result”.  Naturally this explanation completely ignores those pesky little details in the US Constitution that for the most part give the decision making powers to people a little closer to home.

His claim to be non-partisan does him no credit, as it is clear in his initial foray into editorial journalism where his partisanship lies and where his focus will be in the future.  He can quote Moynihan and Jefferson all he wishes, but until the Federal Government retreats to the corner it was meant to occupy, its modern day benefits are far less than beneficial.

While I am sure that if Mr. Meriwether and any others were to respectfully read these comments and then use the opportunity that the Triplicate does not offer by responding, only then will there be an actual discussion.  You will find that in many instances where my opinion is published in this e-paper, a discussion is possible and I am happy to share the space.  I never shirk from learning something new.  Political party’s in my old age have become largely labels and serve to me at least, no purpose other than act as road block to discourse.  So Mr. Meriwether, have at it, let’s see what you’ve got!

3 thoughts on “The New Monthly Column”
  1. Spent some time on my radio program this afternoon, 3 to 4pm every Sunday on KFUG FM 101.1, commenting on this subject and the general issue that seems to be affecting the over all quality of the Triplicate. The paper desperately needs a real editor and not what currently draws his pay as one yet hasn’t a clue how to be one. There are times when one just wants to cringe with embarrassment at the topics chosen for the front page, the opinion section, and the lame attempts at wire news, just to fill space. I am also noticing the lack of real business advertising in the paper and all the filler ads from government agencies that take up space but do not do anything but spend tax payer dollars. Kind of makes a person wonder just how long the print version will last. It is a shell of its former stature and getting smaller every day.

    1. Dale, The man can’t respond without giving a certain amount of credibility to the Times, something that those at the Triplicate cannot afford to do. It is pretty clear by the introduction in the Triplicate, that the man has already lined up on the same side as the editor, despite his claim of being non-partisan. What a hoot! The only thought provoking he will be doing will be in his own echo chamber. There will be no dissent or discussion of any kind, unless it conforms to the author’s prevailing thinking. What a waste of space as usual, something that Editor Fornoff is not only quite comfortable with, but no doubt revels in its mediocrity. So, instead of columns from the Philadelphia Inquirer we will now get the same drivel from some one closer to home. Anyone who thinks that the Federal Government is the beacon of light needs to live in the same place where over half the County’s population ekes out a meager living as more than likely a dependent to the combination of the largess of the State or Federal Governments. What a joyful existence.

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