Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

By Congressman Kevin Kiley – February 13, 2023

In response to my letter, the IRS has overruled California and held Newsom’s “inflation relief” checks are not taxable income. The State owes Californians an apology.

This good news for our beleaguered taxpayers was another embarrassment for Newsom, and it came just as he wrapped up a trip to Washington, D.C. He was there to “offer California as a blueprint for key issues.”

As delusional as that statement is, one Newsom “blueprint” is already being nationalized: his war on freelancers and independent workers. Biden is trying to make AB 5 into federal policy and even appears poised to name Newsom’s Labor Secretary as his own Secretary of Labor.

As Chair of the Workforce Protections Subcommittee, I have made stopping Biden’s anti-worker agenda a top committee priority. You can see my speech on the House Floor previewing the battle ahead.

My committee will also be focused on eliminating workplace mandates. No worker should be forced to wear a mask or show papers just to do their job. Last week, the full House did vote to reverse another mandate: Biden’s COVID vaccine requirement for international travel.

Last Tuesday was also the State of the Union. My guests were Laura and Chris Didier, who tragically lost their son to fentanyl and have saved lives by sharing their family’s story. I introduced them to Speaker McCarthy who shared their story with the whole country.

Finally, for the first time in years, last week we read the Constitution aloud on the House Floor. Many in Congress and the White House needed to be reminded of the document’s existence.

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