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By Kevin Kiley – October 16, 2023

On Friday, the House Republican Conference nominated Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House. As the votes were counted, I thought back to the night my race was called last November.

Having clinched the Republican Majority with our win, I went on Laura Ingraham to talk about the need to hold Biden accountable. As soon as the interview ended, I got a call from Ohio. It was Jim Jordan. He said he saw me on Fox and wanted me to join the Judiciary Committee.

Since that day, I’ve worked closely with Jim and seen the kind of leader he is. He is exceptionally fearless, hard-working, and team-spirited. He has a unique ability to focus on a mission, pursue it strategically and relentlessly, and rally people to the cause.

Like few others in public life, he has his finger on the pulse of the threats to our liberties and First Amendment freedoms. As Judiciary Chair, he’s exposed corruption and pursued accountability like no one else. Tomorrow at noon, the full House will vote to make him our Speaker.

Elsewhere, Newsom has signed an absurd law to “permanently ban” watering grass at California businesses. This comes after 20,000 cubic feet of water was released into the ocean per second earlier this year. I’m sponsoring the California Water Act to build storage and end scarcity.

I’ve also introduced legislation to stop Adam Schiff from using Newsom’s chicanery to evade campaign finance laws. And at a Judiciary field hearing, I called attention to the “absolutely staggering” rise in crime in places like DC, LA, and SF.

Finally, I’ve called on Biden to step up his lackluster evacuation efforts bringing Americans home from Israel. And I’ve sent a letter to the President of Harvard, joined by Elise Stefanik and other alumni in Congress, calling out the University’s “abhorrent” response to the Hamas attack.

Help me expose Newsom and hold Biden accountable
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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

2 thoughts on “The Next Speaker”
  1. Kevin Kiley, Jim Jordan is one of the best, watching Fox News today I don’t think Jim got the votes
    I think 20 rinos, God help us. Watching the news and seeing the people with signs and yelling they are so full of hate they get sucked right in with the left, news media, Talib, and her group, did I hear some one say its Trumps fault like I said GOD help us.

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