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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 29, 2021 – Picture credit to Business Insider

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, except perhaps those that voted “No”
in the recent Recall election, to know that California is currently
experiencing an extreme shortage of Medical staff. Apparently Governor
“Hair Gel” didn’t get that memo either.  At the present pace, California
is likely to face a short fall of nursing staff in the region of 50,000
over the next few years. While it can be pointed to the Pandemic as a
major culprit for the recent exodus, Newsom’s reemrgence on the
“emergency”  mandate front has only made matters worse.    Using
California’s Department of Public Health, Newsom has mandated all health
care providers must be vaccinated by September 30,2021.  The order dated
August 5,2021 gave health care workers less than sixty days to become
fully vaccinated or provide a narrowly worded “religious” exemption to
prevent termination.

Clearly, neither the CDPH nor Governor “empty suit” understand that the
nursing shortage prior to even the Pandemic and the subsequent exodus
from nursing during the course of the past nineteen months, has
penetrated their collective minds.  It shouldn’t be all that unusual for
the dictator in the Governor’s office to have “Minor” details like a
massive nursing shortage escape his attention when the vaccine mandate
was ordered, nor that their just might be a bit of fall out over such

The biggest problem when it comes to staffing at most medical facilities
is that the staff, in particular nurses, so often have a better
understanding of precisely what goes on in those facilities.  It
therefore; should be of great concern when nurses balk at getting the
Covid vaccination.  At this point the spin begins in order to save the
narrative.  The hesitation comes “according to experts in the Medical
Establishment”, from nurses and health care workers in rural areas,
nurses with limited education, or even healthcare workers that are low
income. Nothing like a little “Wokeism” to save the narrative.  When
health care workers are asked directly, they most often point to the
“hurried” way the vaccines were developed, tested, and distributed (six
months). They further point to “unexplained” issues that have occurred
to patients under their care following vaccination.  And finally, have a
desire to allow for time to develop some measure of experience with the
“untested, experimental nature” of the vaccine before committing to the
“jab” for themselves.  Notice, it doesn’t always come down to personal
choice, for those that resist, the resistance is more about wait and
see, then vaccinate when more is known about the vaccines.

One often wonders just how many health care workers have chosen to take
the “jab” over the greater fear of unemployment?  Those that resist
clearly have more to tell.  There remains a significant number of
healthcare providers, including doctors, that have chosen to wait. 
Traveling nurses and physicians are also unwilling to come to California
inspite of extremely generous pay inducements to avoid vaccination. 
Looks like Governor “Hair Gel” has only made matters worse with his
vaccine mandate.

The current policy of mandating the Covid vaccines for health workers
will not solve the worker shortage problem, nor will it assure anyone
that it will prevent Covid from making an appearance at the local
hospital or clinic.  There is ample evidence that viruses can circumvent
even the most stringent application of caution, even vaccination. 
Clearly some in the Medical profession have something other than “the
narrative” to offer in their collective experiences.  One can only hope
that our Governor has something between his ears other than a vacuum,
yet that does not appear to be the case.

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