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By Donna Westfall – September 28, 2018 –

Brett Kavanaugh just passed the first hurdle.  This morning, the voting by the State Judiciary Committee on the Kavanaugh nomination took place.  The vote: 11 to 10.  This is how it shook out.

Republicans all voted yes…11 total

Democrats all voted no…10 total

Apparently the Dems are too wrapped up in their cockeyed cacoon to open their ears to the woman called Christine Blasley Ford.  It could have been Mork from Ork talking gibberish, it didn’t matter, their minds were made up even before the Ford woman came forward.

Does this mean Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a sure thing.


There’s this guy called Flake.  He’s a Senator from Arizona.

  • Sen. Jeff Flake voted yes on the grounds that he would get support to request a floor vote delay and a one week FBI investigation.
  • There has been no commitment by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to honor Flake’s request.

Back to local politics shortly which is almost as entertaining (sic) as national politics.

5 thoughts on ““The nominee will be reported to the floor””
  1. Blasey Ford is a product of her own intensified thought process. When you hear the word rape you think of a violent sexual crime, caused by a threat of murder or serious bodily injury along with penetration with a body part or foreign object. in Maryland rape includes laying on top of someone with or without clothes. although “she” said she was 100% sure that Brett Kavanaugh raped her, I found it very peculiar that she had to look up her 2012 therapy records to see IF she had mentioned it to her therapist. Additionally, Brett Kavanaugh kept calendars from 1982 of his whereabouts and what he did. Had Brett Kavanaugh been a predatory rapist it certainly would have showed up by now. As for college days. As for the other allegations that is what they are unsupported allegations.

  2. Absolutely they should be held to a higher standard. All public officials should. Otherwise former addicts are elected to offices like a District Attorney, where they inflict damage, and are later removed.

  3. I guess the next time I have to file a criminal complaint or allegation against someone, I now know the best way to put it out on blast is to give it to Diane Feinstein.

  4. From what I am coming to understand.. it is very rare for a women to falsely accuse someone of sexual misconduct. And when it happens it is most often due to mental illness, parents of underage romances, or for financial gain. However, less than 10% turn out to be false. And now with four or five allegations..? Time to turn over a new leaf and hold people who hold us accountable to a higher standard. We can wait for a non-spoiled guy named Brett who takes what they want. Good to be suspicious the first accuser, time to take things seriously when we have several

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