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By Guest Columnist – Michael Ceremello – April 23, 2019 –

Have you read the Mueller report in its 400 pages plus entirety?  Have you seen the redacted portions of the report?  So how have you made up your mind about its content, its intent or purpose, and its validity?

The lapdog media, such as Upchuck Todd of Meet the Depressed, once again showed their bias and willful acceptance of controvertible “facts” in the “he said, she said” $40 million boondoggle which has resulted in this “novel” from Robert Mueller.  It would have been cheaper just to pay him up front for this work of fiction based on biased semi-factual content.  What was truly astounding was Todd’s comment, “This proves the fake news claim was false”.  Only in your dreams, Chuckie boy!!

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York during 9/11 and now one of Trump’s attorneys, was on the show and made points which I have been making for several months now.  The nearly hysterical Todd was peppering him with questions designed with two purposes: one to push him off his at the moment point and two to destroy the credibility of his logic.  Considering Chuck’s condescending and cooperative tone with “Impeach Trump” Jerry Nadler, the transparency of the hypocrisy of this cheap entertainment hour is too obvious.

Giuliani more or less said he didn’t care from where information was coming or its source, as long as it was the truth.  I believe I wrote “I don’t care if it is the Devil telling me something as long as it is the truth”.  A subsequent question would be “why do we care if the Russians were the ones?”  We don’t have a problem with any other country “meddling” in our elections?

What if it had been England or Israel?  This is simply an extension of historical conflicts, where Russia as our enemy.  Russia is being used as a scapegoat.  Times change.  So nothing Russia does is ever right?  Didn’t they help us put a large dent in ISIS?

Exactly how is it meddling to put out the truth about a candidate?  Isn’t the truth better than lies such as politicians consistently do to alter the result of the vote?  Is it perfectly fine for the liberal media to “conspire”, “collude”, and attempt a “soft coup” while blatantly and prolifically meddling on a daily basis to keep a duly elected official not only from office but inhibiting him from performing his duties?  Let’s not forget about the Obama high ranking FBI group which had an “insurance plan”.

What exactly is meddling?  Is it a criminal offense or should it be in the first place?  Politicians and liar/lawyers write the laws to alter outcomes.  Anyone or any country should be allowed to put forward their arguments about candidates just like Obummer did in Benjamin Netanyahu’s election in Israel.  Educating the public as to your prejudices, faulty logic, and hatred is a good thing.  If you can’t figure out the bull from reality, that is on you.  You just aren’t trying very hard.

Then we have the aspect of the double edged sword known as the violation of the Espionage Act known as Hillary’s email server “Bathroom-gate”.  This coupled with support in the higher echelons of the FBI, Gates, Comey, Page, Strzok, and McCabe along with former communist fan CIA chief John Brennan, demonstrates the soft coup validity conspiracy theory.

We not only have the DNC emails, (I really don’t care how they were obtained), but the fact that a FISA wiretap request was made using the Clinton campaign’s Steele dossier.  When Giuliani went on to say Mueller as a good prosecutor should have changed his focus, once he had determined Trump and his team did not collude, to those who had, it has been said but was worth the repetition.  Bernie Sanders should have been the Democrat party nominee and his defeat would have ended the Communist Left nonsense we now are enduring.

I am also not interested in “thought crimes” as if thinking of doing something but not taking action is now a criminal act.  Seems the media has forgotten about the Adam Schiff charade where he attempted to solicit dirt on Trump while being hoaxed by Russian comedians.

It is rather surprising how quiet it has gotten on the “impeachment” front.  Nadler played politician saying he would have to see the evidence on “obstruction of justice”.  I heard earlier audio from this fool where he states that he “knows there was collusion” and therefore obstruction.  Yet we have not seen any proof, just more allegations.

It is no surprise that not only the Left but the Mitt Romney RINO Repulsive-icans continue down the non-productive path of condemning an innocent man.  Outsiders are rarely met with open arms, especially if that person’s self defined job is to get rid of the corruption of which you are part and parcel.  Wild animals get vicious when cornered.  You can see it in the woods, forests … or the swamp.

I look forward to actual justice being carried out.  Explain how destroying evidence is now acceptable in the eyes of the court.  Show me how Comey could delineate crimes perpetrated by Hillary Clinton then not ask for an indictment.  As for Trump, don’t talk about obstruction, show me some.

The larger point I have made but I wish to expand upon is “meddling” is useless if you have a mind and are willing to use it.  If you are only going to listen to one side of anything, you are setting yourself up to be manipulated.  Keep not only your eyes and ears open but question what you are given and the motives of its source.  Do you really believe a Russian troll on Facebook or any other site would be the deciding factor in for whom you would vote?

To sum this up, show me how anything done was illegal even from the aspect of Trump’s constitutional right to fire anyone working under him in the executive branch.  If you are too stupid to call for an “independent” counsel with well defined parameters of issues to investigate, that is not my problem.

The Left including the media and the Republican fakes have had over two years to find dirt and came up empty handed because they refuse to look at the real corruption, collusion, and conspiracy they have created as the new world of politics.  The shell game is don’t look in our closet but pay attention to this over here.

It’s over but they just can’t let go …

* * * * *

I would like to end this on a somewhat lighter note.  I heard Bernie Sanders giving an interview to two conservative hosts, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, and the subject of his income and being a millionaire came up.  Bernie is a great example of “do as I say and not as I do”.

Seems he was rather miffed when asked why he didn’t give the IRS 52% of his income to which he wants the rest of us to succumb.  Bernie said “why don’t you pay it?” in an attempt to avoid the question.  Martha shot back “because we aren’t the candidate espousing that”.

In response to Bernie’s “I pay my fair share” or what is required, Martha pointed out that anyone can donate to the IRS above and beyond what is required.  Bernie is typical of the Margaret Thatcher described socialist or communist:  the scheme works well until you run out of OTHER people’s money.

As my associates characterize this type of person, Bernie is a FRAUD.   If this phony gets beyond his Democrat rivals with this type of hypocrisy, it won’t be that shocking.  After all, they all believe it is your money you should give up while they keep or expand what they receive.  The Republicans have been given the only weapon they need.

“Plugs” Biden is just another old white male, and barely intelligent.  The rest of the party is made up of people like Hank “The island of Guam will tip over with more troops on it” Johnson, Mad Maxine Waters, and the wonderful new additions of insane far leftists.

Nothing here to see on either front.  Time to let Trump be Trump and get ready for another four years of positive progress.  Let’s move on …

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