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By Donna Westfall – September 27, 2016 – Approximately 2:30 this afternoon, Tuesday, September 27th, a member of the Del Norte and Curry County Scanner Feed put up this post, “Man on 4th and C walking down street with gun shooting off gun.”

Promptly, people responded and kept track of the man., ” southbond on 7th,” then  “Plaid shorts ponytail black sweater,”  then “Suspect has been identified schools lockdown lifted.” then, “Holy cow that’s why the cops were flying threw town.”

Emergency personnel responded. The man was picked up with no gun. Shortly after, reports came in that the gun was recovered.

Thank  you’s to all the public that participated in the Scanner Feed Group, law enforcement and emergency personnel that tracked this and handled this potentially dangerous situation. Big thank you to Del Norte and Curry County Scanner Feed for their Facebook group.

2 thoughts on “The power of social media”
  1. I think we should give a big thanks to the Crescent City Police Department and the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office. I know they are considered evil and corrupt by most contributors at this site and I myself have had one or two minor incidents with them but you have to admit that they keep us safe and handled this guy before somebody was hurt or killed. Sometime we take for granted the fact that we have it better in our community than a lot of other places in the world and our cops help make it that way.

    Sorry if I am offending some of you at CC that clearly despise our local cops but sometimes you have to say whats right even if it isn’t popular. I will say a prayer for them tonight that our community stays safe and that the cops all stay safe.

    1. Correction: We do not despise our local cops that uphold the law, uphold civil rights and do not steal personal property. We do believe that dirty cops that break the law and violate civil rights and steal personal property should be brought up on charges, found guilty and be incarcerated, their pensions lost along with their reputations. We abhor keeping those individuals on the payroll due in part to union pressures, and in part to no Internal Affairs Office, because dirty cops taint the working environment for the good cops.

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