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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello, February 11, 2019 –

This was the first time I actually listened to an entire speech by a president of the United States.  Generally speaking, I find the content boring at best and a demonstration of the weakness of intellect if not knowledge about subjects under the person’s control.

I was not so much interested in the topics Trump addressed as I was in the expected reaction from those involved.  The “tribalism” exhibited by those present, the ladies in the white garb, and both parties disparate responses to contentious items is symptomatic of combative ideologies which are mutually exclusive.  Free market capitalism and communism are polar opposites.

Once again Trump proved he plays his opponents like the fiddle.  How do you make people look foolish?  By exposing them for who they are and for what they really stand.  It should be obvious to all now that the Democrats wouldn’t pass legislation for their most dear projects if it is Trump promoting them.

We all know that border security to a Democrat is a wide open border secure from the interference of government agents in allowing new voters from joining the ranks of their party.  At best, the Democrats want an incomplete wall which they voted for twice, once in 2006 and again in 2013.

Trump allowed the Democrats to show they are sexist and racist despite their best attempts to put that moniker on him and Republicans.  It shows how far we have come as a country when we celebrate the gender of the person rather than her qualifications to hold office.  The topic of sentencing reform held up two people, both of whom were black.  Diversity is as much of a joke as those who find Jesus in prison as their get out of jail free card.

I heard some commentators put down those present for singing Happy Birthday to the veteran who saved prison camp Jews.  The spontaneity of the situation and people being and acting human rather than as rulers was not lost on me.  This was a break from the usual scripted nature of the event with applause erupting whenever key points are made.  Canned laughter has met its match and both are boring.

What I took away from this speech was the rejected civility and collegial approach by a non-politician.  It is no surprise that the Democrats don’t want to work with the other side and they made it quite apparent.  It is a one way street, a childish path, where you only do what you want to do and never give an inch to the other side.

Probably the highlight of the speech was when Trump stated that the US will never be a socialist country.  Trump is wrong.  The progressive agenda has been promoted by Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, his cousin FDR, Carter and Obama.  The progressive income tax is a Marxist mechanism, Social Security is the government taking over personal responsibility, and Obama-Care is destructive to the free market providing a cheaper and more efficient solution for health care.

What Trump really means is he will push the US back toward capitalism even if he uses government for infrastructure.  So what did Trump accomplish with his assault on socialism?  We now have the “New Green Deal” being promoted by the exposed far Left lunatic fringe and the 76 Democrats who have signed on to support it.  Absolutely outrageously crazy, AOC, or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has just shown up the Congressman from Atlanta, Hank Johnson whose notoriety was made by stating he “feared that Guam would capsize” from additional population being placed on that island.

According to Cortez, we must get rid of all gasoline powered cars, invest in high speed rail so that airplanes will be a thing of the past, and put a marginal tax rate in place of 70% because although rich people pay the majority of taxes, they aren’t paying their fair share.  Not to be outdone, Pocahontas Warren, who also signed on to this nonsense, wants a 90% marginal rate plus a wealth tax on assets.  Do you recognize governmental theft when you hear it?

We are in dangerous times in the United States because of the idiots elected by idiots to rule over us.  They have learned nothing from the lessons of Venezuela or Cuba.  Rather than working to solve America’s problems, they are more interested in pursuing a fruitless persecution of a duly elected president for collusion when it was their party who actually did the collusion.  If the Mueller investigation was real and not a politically motivated witch hunt, Hillary Clinton and the DNC would be facing charges.

To show you the depths of depravity of the new and current Democrat party, one only has to look at the current headlines.  Murdering live born babies is now legal in Virginia with New York wanting to join this sick club.  It is not abortion no matter how the Left wants to tell us what “is” is.

Then we have the black face scandals.  Al Jolson introduced black jazz music to white audiences who weren’t receptive to entertainers of that ethnicity.  Jolson’s exaggerated caricature of facial features was quite different than simply darkening your skin with black shoe polish but it was not intended to demean.  “White Chicks”, were the Wayans brothers put on white face and body paint, was no big deal because blacks can’t be racist.  Bull.

All of this is just more of the same in distractions.  Now it is the Left being caught up in their own game of the Me Too movement.  So the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is being accused of long ago rape as was Brett Kavanaugh.  I have not examined the details of the accusations because I have not seen any of this supposedly “credible” accusation published in graphic detail as if giving the gory details somehow makes the accusation more plausible.

In California, we recalled a governor.  If Virginia citizens don’t want their politicians after hearing all sides and being given proof or the lack thereof, they can take action.  No one should be stepping down simply because accusations are leveled.  But that is what the Femi-Nazis call empowerment.  Just call it vigilantism which is exactly what it is.

I really don’t care if someone wants to imitate a person from a different race.  If you have never seen the movie Cloud Atlas, perhaps you shouldn’t.  Halle Berry was in that movie and played a wide variety of characters of different racial backgrounds.

If you are worried about the derogatory aspect because your own warped perception convinces you no rational person would do so otherwise, the free market solution still is the best response.  You don’t have to buy it or watch it and this goes for attending a Halloween party where the participants might offend you.

Working together can’t be done when all we focus on is our dissimilarities.  This is the rejected message of Trump’s speech.  When one party is governed by ignorant children, including the senile Nancy Pelosi who must be in her second childhood, it is on those of us who still remain rational and logical to reject these politicians.

Unfortunately we have those reliant on cradle to grave Nanny state welfare to do the job.  Our failure of an educational system has produced this crop of Reverend Wright’s “the chickens have come home to roost” Americans.  Complacently existing in the family basement playing video games they escape the reality with which they refuse to cope.

The bottom line is these types of people are the majority in all age groups.  I am happy to have a true leader who proceeds without being drug down by them …

4 thoughts on “The Real State Of The Union”
  1. I absolutely ditto Larry’s post! Our Country is in a sad situation every thing Trump try’s to do is criticized by the Democrats. Who do you think is going to pay for the thousands of illegals coming into our Country Well we are the American Tax Payer and the Democrats want them here to add to their voting base. We need the Wall! And we need it now! Wake up people and try to understand the benefits of being protected!

  2. This screed wanders about a bit too much and loses focus. That said, this part “…hey are more interested in pursuing a fruitless persecution of a duly elected president for collusion when it was their party who actually did the collusion. If the Mueller investigation was real and not a politically motivated witch hunt, Hillary Clinton and the DNC would be facing charges.” hits the mark. How a bunch of democrats aren’t serving time right now boggles one mind. Not only are they not serving time, they aren’t even being investigated – and they have admitted to crimes. When you have those who do the investigating firmly in pocket, not a thing to worry about.

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