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Opinion Piece By Samuel Strait – September 16, 2021

The recall is over and done with, may it rest in peace.  While I’m sure
there will be calls of fraud and malfeasance, it is nice to be able to
step back and see where all the pieces have fallen. Many on the “No”
side think that they have dodged a bullet by not allowing some sort of
“Trump” style Republican hooligan taking a seat in the governor’s
office.  No shame in supporting a bumbling, incompetent, gel slicked
haired empty suit in the governor’s office as long as he has a “D” after
his name.  No doubt there will be little effort to find a more suitable
“D” in 2022 to replace Gavin Newsom.  He’s a union big money bought and
paid for politician, that can be steered the “right way” so easily that
a $3.7 million dollar mansion in Sacramento is but a token for his

I for one am overjoyed that he has retained his post by a whopping
thirty percent margin.  Now the fun begins.   After this Newsom will
think he is “safe”, and the progressive side of him and his pals in the
legislature will no doubt come to the fore. Prior to his recall
adventure most Californians had some sort of bone to pick with their
empty suit.  With the results of the recall election in and looking back
to his original election as governor the die has been cast for all the
voters that put him in office in the first place cemented by their “No”
vote that places them fully behind Gavin Newsom, NO MATTER WHAT

In the pages of the Crescent City Times, I have chronicled Newsom’s blunders of
leadership in the series, “Newsom’s Follies” as just a taste of what
kind of leadership Californians can expect going forward. Voters who
were not smart enough to look into the disaster Newsom left behind in
his short stint as Mayor of San Francisco, then disappearing as
Lieutenant Governor for a few years, only to emerge as Jerry Brown’s
heir apparent as the governor in his own right will regret their choice.

Now as California has been knocked off its “golden pedestal” under
Newsom’s brief leadership to take on the role of the dirty, crime ridden
streets of a third world country, we all know just who it is to blame.

For the next year and a half, maybe even five and a half, the Democrats
that voted “NO” and all other “NO” voters are going to be ridden
mercilessly over the continued decline in this State. Think the taxes
are high now, just wait.  Think that Crime is bad now, just wait.  Think
that education can’t get any worse, just wait.  Think that Covid
mandates can’t get any worse, just wait. Think that homelessness will
turn around, fat chance.   Can’t find an affordable home or rental,
prepare for even fewer prospects. Think that the flood of illegal
immigrants will abate, no chance.   Think that wildfires will be a thing
of the past when Newsom moans about “Climate Change” and does nothing
about forest management, prepare to see your home or business go up in
flames. Think that your business burdened by high taxes and regulation
will change for the worse, now you are getting the idea.  Will Newsom’s
climate change policies and environmental obsessions allow you to have
unfettered access to electricity and water, run your air conditioner in
summer, heater in winter, water your lawn, plug in your mandated
electric car.  Can you say for certain that the money you earn will
retain its value, the economy regain its strength, and you will be able
to tap into the “good life”over the remaining years of Newsom’s reign?

The recall election wasn’t about whether or not you were a Republican or
a Democrat.  It was not about Donald Trump.  It was about the
precipitous slide that California has experienced after several decades
of Democrat rule.  It is about a declining population where people are
fleeing the State and its Democrat leadership.  It about rampant violent
crime, homelessness, illegal immigration, deteriorating educational
system, lack of affordable housing, unnecessary Covid mandates,
uncontrolled wildfires, high taxes, and all the rest of California’s
ills that have worsened since Newsom and the Democrats have been in charge.

Now that a significant majority of Californians have voted “NO” in favor
of this train wreck to continue, let them have full measure of blame
when things deteriorate further.  I no longer worry about the “State Of
California” and will delight in pointing to every instance of Newsom’s
failures and continued follies, as well as, those of California’s
legislative body from now on.  I will be overjoyed to single out those
that were foolish and stupid enough to vote for this to continue.  Think
that virtue signaling, pandering and finger pointing will spare
derision, think again.  I am not “woke” and will no longer be polite
with the pin heads in California that think Gavin Newsom can turn
California around…..Fat Chance!  I will thoroughly enjoy the next year
and a half, and hopefully four more after that.  I will love seeing the
progressive/ liberal disaster coming to you in the nearest local theater
to humble those that voted “NO”!

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