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By Donna Westfall – September 2, 2020 –

After reading Kelly Paul’s frightening account of being harassed by a mob (She’s the wife of US Senator Paul Rand)….

After reading the comments on Facebook by residents of Portland, Oregon about Mayor/Police Commissioner, Ted Wheeler’s failure to deal with over 90 days of rioting….

After reading the comments on Facebook by residents of Oregon about the failed attempts at peace and order by Gov. Kate Brown after over 90 days of rioting (sad to say five failed recall attempts so far)…..

It’s time to follow the money.

Had it not been for learning about 100 out-of-town “protesters/rioters” being arrested in Kenosha, Wisconsin out of 175, I probably wouldn’t have considered this, but Sen. Rand did. He and U.S. Representative Ken Buck are calling for an investigation into the funding of the recent violent protests which have convulsed parts of the nation.

They are calling for the Department of Justice to start investigating the violent protests. And let’s clarify something right now. These are not protests. These are riots.

From LifeSite News:

“Who are these people? Who paid for their hotel rooms? Who flew them in? Law enforcement needs to look at the funding of violent criminal activity like this,’ Sen. Rand Paul wrote after he and his wife narrowly escaped a violent leftist mob Friday as they left the RNC.”

Sen Paul went on to say, “It’s not about Black lives or any lives; it’s about anarchy and destruction. The American people are starting to catch on and grow tired of it.”

In my opinion, the actions (or rather lack of action in dealing with these rioters) of the Democratic party seems intent on destroying our nation. Only when more Democrats in office like the six Democratic Mayor’s in Minnesota stating they will vote for Trump in November, and Democratic Governor Tony Evers finally acquiesced to allow the the National Guard to restore order in Kenosha will that party start to gain respect. Portland Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown are blinded by their party’s rhetoric and need to open their eyes and start protecting their residents.

It’s time to find out the money trail on who’s funding these rioters and then put the whole lot in prison for a good long time and hope that morons like our own Gov. Newsom doesn’t release them in short order. (Remember there’s a recall against him again.)

Oh, and let’s not forget another genius. California’s Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton. Did she really instruct police to consider before laying a looting charge whether people needed the goods they stole? How did these people get elected? Word is her 2018 campaign was heavily backed by George Soros.

I don’t see how we can sit back and allow incompetents to stay in office any longer. It’s time for the silent majority to get loud, very loud.

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