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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – July 28, 2022

The cities of Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach are refusing to enforce Barbara Ferrer’s corrupt mask mandate. In these parts of LA county, her order is a dead letter.
This is the turning point we’ve been working towards. It effectively stops Newsom from issuing another statewide mandate, eager as he might be to do so.

It’s reminiscent of when my home school district, Roseville Joint Union, passed a Resolution to ignore Newsom’s school mask mandate. Neighboring districts followed suit and it snowballed from there; humiliated, Newsom was forced to rescind the order.

It’s also similar to our triumph over his student vaccine mandate. After we stopped Senator Pan’s mandate bill, I called for Newsom to rescind his own Executive Order. Hours later, he did just that – a huge embarrassment after months of showcasing the “first in the nation” mandate.

Notably, the current resistance is happening in some of the bluest parts of the state. In Long Beach, Democrats outnumber Republicans 144,000 to 44,000. LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger also released a blistering statement opposing the mask mandate as useless.

Also in the mix is a new lawsuit filed by Julie Hamill and the Alliance of Los Angeles County Parents. The suit would prohibit LA Public Health “from implementing or enforcing the arbitrary and capricious New Mandate.”

Meanwhile, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court is retiring. Newsom will undoubtedly appoint a rubber stamp judge of the kind that let him keep ruling the state by decree even after we won a trial against him. The confirmation will be a major battle.

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