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By Freedom Writer – September 16, 2021

The Revolution locomotive has left the station and its picking up speed. If you sit back and keep hesitating when you should hop on board, it will pass you by and you will never forgive yourself for not taking that leap. You will look back in your sunset years, regretful and broken hearted, knowing you didn’t help America when she needed you so desperately – knowing you could have done so much more.  If this doesn’t grab at your heart strings, then nothing will.  Just scroll on.

The Recall has passed with a rerun result of the 2020 Presidential Election. Were you surprised? You shouldn’t be. The Election Fraud debacle hasn’t been resolved. California is still using China-bought Dominion machines. The point is, we are in trouble – We. Are. Losing. Our Country! There is no one else other than We the People that can turn this around. If you took ONE thing Trump taught us, it was how to FIGHT for America. Anyone at this point, with an ounce of spiritual intelligence knows Covid was planned decades ago. The Vaccine is a death jab. It’s all a guise to install the New World Order (NWO) by destroying America’s economy so these evil globalists can confiscate all of America’s wealth and finalize a global Totalitarian System. We also know full well that natural immunity is more effective than any vaccine. We know that this vaccine is an experiment, to reduce the world’s population and to create a global tracking system. If you are keeping up with this so far and not freaking out, you are ready to fight. We don’t have time to quibble over Vax vs. Unvaxxed. Besides we already know you can cure Covid at home. There are websites where you can order your meds to cure this or get it locally. It’s just the flu. This is their ploy to further divide us, break up families, destroy businesses and just decimate the American Spirit. We are in full-blown in Revelations. The vax is the Mark of the Beast. If you haven’t caved in and submitted to this global séance, then you know that this war is between Good and Evil. The key to getting out of this mess, is using America’s beautiful living, breathing document, the United States Constitution. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. All these disgusting mandates and restrictions are lies. They are unlawful. What was the Constitution built on? GOD’S LAWS. 

What does the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence read?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the GOVERNED,—That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…

We are the sovereign authority of our own choices and our lives and that includes medical decisions. NO ONE has the authority to tell you what to do with your body or children’s body without your CONSENT! Do you see?? Our beautiful Founding is our ticket to FREEDOM! We have the tools right in front of us. But in order for there to be change, it requires YOU to MOVE, to PLAN, to ORGANIZE and to ACTIVATE.

“We have a POSTERITY WAITING FOR US to say WE WILL NOT COMPLY so that YOUR CHILDREN will be FREE. We have a chance to fight without bloodshed, but every time we comply, we establish a future where our Children will not have that option.” – KrisAnne Hall, JD

The Constitution is a contract of timeless principles that create and define government. The Constitution also teaches us that God created Man. Man created Society. Society created Government. We are following the hierarchy of power upside down. We do not answer to Government as our higher power of authority. God is the Author of our lives. We live in a country where our Constitution defends our God Given Rights. The Government works for us. However, we have seen in a very short time how tyrannical our government has become. They are moving in on us very quickly with Communistic orders. However, if it is not listed specifically in the Constitution, it does not rest as an authority in the Federal Government. But when a Government becomes tyrannical, the people of GOD have a duty to NOT FOLLOW and NOT COMPLY.  

This battle is about the Powerful wanting FULL CONTROL of the Powerless. It is time for the FEARLESS to exercise their POWER. God is waiting for you to do your part. All you have to do is NOT COMPLY with these mandates – EVERY WHERE YOU GO. And SPEAK UP! Do not let anyone intimidate you when it comes to your moral and spiritual convictions, because in the end, that is all we have.

One thought on “The Revolution is Now. What Are You Waiting For?”
  1. We keep talking about the CONSTITUTION, the politicians don’t care about the Constitution, they don’t care about things being legal or not, open boarders, tax our retirement, Biden is in the White House, Newsom is in charge of California again, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE can’t see what’s going on in this once Great County, I write these letters hoping some one will care but most people don’t care they keep voting the same way I guess there is nothing more to say their vote says it all.

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