Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024


An invitation to be interviewed was sent the same day to all 4 candidates:  Wilson, Maready, Apperson and Lee.

Sheriff Dean Wilson and Crescent City Police Sgt. Erik Apperson responded quickly and on the same day.  I’ll be having a second interview with Sheriff Wilson on Friday, March 28th; and Linda Sutter will be interviewing Apperson this Sunday, March 23rd. Maready and Lee have not responded so far.

Things to know about the Sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff is in charge of a $7+ million budget which includes the jail.  The jail is being used to babysit those with mental illnesses because there is no other program available for them.  There are 68 people on the Sheriff’s payroll of which almost half are deputies.

Some of the issues in our town involve:

Medical Marijuana.

How to handle rogue officers.

Search and seizure policies.

Civil rights.



One thought on “THE SHERIFF’S RACE”
  1. Please tell me there will be some questioning about the ever-growing meth problem in our county, and what the plans are to take care of it.

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