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By Donna Westfall – September 30, 2019

Have you had anyone knock on your door announcing their intention to run for office?

So far, there are six people who have taken out papers:

For Del Norte County Board of Supervisors:

District 1 – John Pritchett

John currently sits on the Del Norte County 41st District Fairgrounds  Board

District 2 – Jim Ramsey, Lori Cowan and Valerie Starkey

Jim Ramsey currently sits on the Harbor Commission.

Lori Cowan is the incumbent

Valerie Starkey is a retired Probation Officer of 30 years

District 5 – Bob Berkowitz is the incumbent

For Judge the filing fee is $2,074.24:

Darren McElfresh is the incumbent

In lieu of paying $389.78 filing fee, each person taking out papers for the Board of Supervisor position can gather between 20 and 40 signatures of registered voters.  The first 20 valid signatures quality.

Papers can be picked up at the Del Norte County Recorder’s office as there is still plenty of time for those interested in running for office.  The last date to submit papers is November 6th.

2 thoughts on “The skinny on upcoming elections”
  1. And John Pritchitt is dirty as the day is long. He has been on the Fairboard approximately 5 months and is nothing more than a yes man. Is that what Del Norte County needs? It is sad that there is no opposition for Pritchitt or Berkowitz. Del Norte will never be a productive county unless people start stepping up to the plate. James Ramsy would be a very good Supervisor.

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