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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – May 9, 2018 –

The normally accepted wisdom is “politics is most dirty at the local level”.  Total disagreement on my part would be an understatement.  It seems to me that common sense would enlighten a person: when the amount of power, money and ego involved is enormous, the potential for chicanery exponentially rises.

Those of us who have lived recent history are well aware of the “progressive” movement and their methods.  While the Founding Fathers revered and incorporated individual freedom into the Constitution through the addition of the first 10 amendments, those of the fascist, communist, and socialist mind bend do not.  Freedom of speech and the value of the individual are anathema to “Anti-fa” and those who dominate the institutions of higher learning known as our universities unless it is their speech which is in question.  I only need to point to the University of California at Berkeley, the birthplace of the free speech movement, as a prime example.

It appears that time rectifies all lies as they can only be hidden so long unless you kill all of those who know the truth.  As I have stated in previous columns, most of the pablum we are fed on a daily basis by those who pretend to be the press or media are only distractions.  I will go one step further to say the indoctrination of our parents into the escapism of day time television, much like the inculcation through video games of our progeny, has produced acceptance of the ongoing soap opera known as American politics, morality, ethics, and behavior.

I remember my mother watching Days of Our Lives beginning with its first episode.  When the whole premise of the show is about who is having an affair with whom, how long do you think it will be before this becomes the accepted behavior for a populace who feels they are missing something in their lives?  Of course philandering is not a novel experience which has just appeared on the local scene.  In the past, with intact family units who honored the tradition of “until death do us part”, this was a rarity.  Now that morality is a laughed upon goal.

I was listening to Stormy Daniels’s attorney Michael Avenatti alluding to supposed proof he had which would lead to Donald Trump’s resignation from the presidency.  I hate to clue him or the hard core Trump haters in but most of us could care less whether Trump had an affair before he was elected and put into the White House.  You might ask yourself why.  I believe it has to do with that French saying, “everyone loves a lover”.

Do we disparage John Fitzgerald Kennedy or his brother Bobby for their interludes with Marilyn Monroe?  How does William Jefferson Clinton get a free pass with Monica?  The “Me-Too” movement is laughable from the aspect of temporal considerations plus how the women found themselves in the situations in the first place.  The hypocrisy is equivalent to the depraved immorality now being condemned.

Before we leave this, I must say that signing a non-disclosure agreement, an NDA, is contractual and not illegal.  To expose what she was paid not to disclose is a breach of contract.  Doesn’t it seem odd that the violator is suing the innocent party?  But what about from where the funds came?

Sorry, but it isn’t illegal to pay campaign funds on issues related to a campaign.  It also isn’t illegal to enter into an NDA and pay the cost out of your own pocket or through your attorney.  It should be fairly obvious to any and all of us that this is about getting “fifteen minutes of fame” and nothing more.  I never had heard of Daniels before this and put her on the same level as the Kardashians as to how much I care.  And I don’t.

The entire “Russian collusion” investigation has now risen to the same delusional levels of “global warming”.  Both are scams and both are about money and power.  Collusion is not a crime.  If it were, Hillary would be in jail as would Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  I also find it interesting that the murder of the young man who worked for the DNC has been forgotten.  This was just prior to or after Wikileaks released DNC emails.  Murder of a person for the purpose of robbery and nothing was taken from his body?  Hmm???

So where is the proof that “obstruction of justice” occurred.  Come on.  Mueller’s team of elite Hillary backers have had over a year to come up with anything and all they can find is Paul Manafort’s tax issues from 2005?  This judge Ellis who read the riot act to Mueller’s prosecuting attorney should be saluted for bringing rationality into a runaway freight train investigation grasping at straws.

Again, I hate to disappoint you all but Trump has the ability to fire Comey, to fire the independent counsel, and anyone else under him in the executive branch.  What is being attempted by those in the Legislative branch, the RINO Republicans who should be removed from office when they run for re-election, is unconstitutional and a criminal act at least to me.  We elect lawyers to political office and they don’t understand the highest law in the Nation?

Now comes the good news.  Despite all of the distractions, what we have here is a president who gleefully multitasks.  Notice that I didn’t say Congress.  Congress has done little to nothing under the fake leadership of Mitch McConnell and the major disappointment to the TEA Party movement Paul Ryan.

Donald Trump could walk on water and the Left would say that is proof he can’t swim.  How do you give a Nobel Peace prize to the last president based on anticipation of what he would do and then claim that the United Nations is responsible for some of the breakthrough accomplishments of the current man in office?  Let me get this straight.

Obama enabled the Muslim brotherhood by taking out Gaddafi in Libya, by giving Iran the ability to continue with their nuclear program while at the same time funding their terrorist activities to the tune of $150 billion in cash, drawing red lines on chemical weapons then ignoring the violation, and debilitating the US economy because he inherently hates America as being “colonialist” and these are all praiseworthy accomplishments?

Trump defunds Obama-care by eliminating the mandate to purchase the insurance, something our feckless congressional legislators couldn’t do with majorities in both houses, reduces corporate taxation as a preliminary fiscal incentive and relief to companies which are the major engines of employment, takes retaliatory but not inflammatory action when chemical weapons are used against the Syrian people, uses strength in an appropriate fashion to get a lunatic dictator to hold a historic unprecedented meeting with his counterpart to the South, makes it clear not only to Korea but the Middle East that the US won’t tolerate threats and will take action if provoked and this should all be ignored because Trump’s demeanor isn’t “presidential”.

Can you say elitist pigs or arrogant political aristocratic hogwash?  I believe in earned respect, not bowing to potentates and kissing their rings because they happen to have a certain lineage.  Washington, DC has done nothing but earned my contempt on both sides of the aisle for the most part.

My question to you is are you being hoodwinked by the likes of Meet the Press?  Are you not seeing what I am seeing?  Timothy Leary was right when he said, “Turn on, tune in, drop out”.  “Turn on” to what can be positively accomplished, “tune in” to learn the possibilities, and “drop out” of the mind numbing propaganda and indoctrination you are constantly being spoon fed.  Gather information from all sources, weigh them on a factual basis and for intent, then think for yourself.

We in America are in the middle of a war of ideologies.  Let’s take a cursory look at water in California to demonstrate my prior suggestions.  Supposedly we don’t have enough water in California.  What are the opposing viewpoints and solutions offered?

The ideology of obstructionists comes in the form of no new dams for water storage with their preferred initial solution of water conservation.  The ultimate objective is to reduce the human population in California because humans are the problem and Nature is perfect.  I have heard this from State bureaucrats, those who were given the mandates to build more dams and the funding to do so by the citizens of California.  Not a dime has been spent.


On the other side are those of us who understand economics, resource management, as well as soil chemistry and agriculture.  You don’t grow by restricting abundance.  Are the majority of people happier with too much or too little?  Freezing your ass off during the winter at home in order to conserve while also reducing energy costs is rather aggravating when you go to city hall, businesses, or bureaucratic agencies who use other people’s money to keep their employees warm and comfortable.  The bottom line is we have the technology to do a hell of a lot more but that “progress” is bad while “progressivism” to control all is good?

Perhaps you have heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation”.  As you satisfy basic needs such as food and housing, you can then move on to “higher” psychological human needs including the arts and philosophizing.


It is quite apparent to me that those who would have us reduce our intake, stifle our ability to produce, and otherwise get in the way of true progress are not capable of doing a true benefit analysis but only assessing costs in a myopic view of a controlled society with them being the controllers.  I prefer the Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged character of John Galt and his viewpoint about government bureaucrats which is what we are seeing acted out by Trump, the outsider.


“Get out of my way …”

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  1. Trump the outsider who had swapped luxury holdings with Saudi princes and hired a Saudi lobbyist for his campaign? Clinton had been vetted and gifted by Goldman Sachs and the Saudis too. But stop acting like this corporation rep and reality star is some hero outsider.

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