Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

By Kevin Kiley

We have achieved our goal of persuading the Senate to reject Julie Su for Secretary of Labor. The White House has acknowledged that Senators Sinema and Manchin are opposed; therefore, she won’t be confirmed.

So mission accomplished? Not quite: Biden has decided to keep Su at the helm of the Labor Department without being confirmed. As Bernie Sanders candidly explained, “I hope she has the votes to become the secretary. If not, of course, she should stay where she is.”

Even for Biden, this affront to the Constitution is stunning. I called out his lawlessness in no uncertain terms on the House Floor. A lawsuit is coming. We also have a plan to use the power of the purse to dislodge Su from her illegal post.

We’re using the same strategy to prevent the nationalization of AB 5, one of Newsom’s most odious “model” policies. In the Appropriations bill, I’ve secured an amendment directing “no funds may be made available” to enforce Biden/Su’s order attacking independent contractors.  

This was one of a string of victories this week:

  • My landmark First Amendment legislation, stopping government surveillance of journalists and forced disclosure of communications, passed the Judiciary Committee unanimously.
  • I officially introduced H.R. 4648 the first-ever standalone bill to end “sanctuary” policies nationwide.
  • After oral argument, the 9th Circuit appears poised to strike down Newsom’s absurd COVID “misinformation” law.
  • Placer County’s DA obtained the first murder conviction in California for dealing fentanyl. I spoke about the case on the House Floor to encourage prosecutors to follow this example.

Finally, I held a hearing of my Subcommittee this week and made the case against “Bidenomics.” The President is so fond of his failures he’s given them a special moniker. I can only think of one thing worse: Newsomonics.

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

One thought on “The Su Coup”
  1. In regards to murder trial for fentynal case in Placerville CA. Kudos for their prosecuting attorney. Will need to watch that case for appeals. In the meantime Del Norte Sheriff’s Office reported 33 fentynal deaths this year in Del Norte County. Interesting that our DA isn’t concerned nor smart enough to prosecute these cases. But then again the dead don’t talk and taxpayers save money right?

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