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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – December 27, 2018 –

A new insight has come to me about the state of our country and the constant attacks on our president.  For those of you who think this is about Donald J. Trump, it is not.  Trump is simply the personification of a true leader and intelligent thinker who has come to the obvious conclusion that Washington, D.C. is far beyond what its original intent was and he, unlike others before him, is willing to take the slings and arrows while attempting and achieving a goal of doing something about it.

To explain it in simpler terms so that the readers in Rio Linda can understand my point, (substitute the name for your own city for that of Rush Limbaugh’s denigration favorite), it wouldn’t make a bit of difference who is president if he or she was truly attempting to “drain the swamp”.  Now you simply need to figure out the “WHY?”.

In the case of “progressives”, they have their own agenda in addition to retaining their political power while enslaving the rest of us as good communists always do.  They will stop short of killing us because many of us are still armed, making it apparent why they keep attacking the Second Amendment in order to put us in line for the Pol Pot solution.

Why is it that these same people, the Kamala Harrises, Schumers, and Pelosis along with newcomers such as Cory Booker and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want an open border, no immigration laws, and an end to immigration enforcement by calling for the abolition of ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement?  Those at the top who live behind security walls at their own homes don’t want the country protected from an invasion by anyone.

Why do you have locks on the doors to your house?  Is it because you “hate” those who might try to enter uninvited?  Hey, they only want to clean your house and take care of your yard!  So why are you keeping them out?  The reality is this isn’t some version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” where we have given up our possessions.

The next segment of the SWAMP are those within the media.  Why would they become “true believers” in progressivism and liberalism gone lunatic?  This may be purely a power play based on their own egos because they couldn’t gain the same status by doing anything truly productive.  If we include Hollywood in this group, the logic still applies.

While some may believe social engineering coupled with attempting to make the abnormal normal is productive, I do not.  The capitalist system has made these folks rich as has the casting couch when morality is thrown out the window.  Elitism based on idolization and massive paychecks does not equate to the ability to expound on political themes rationally or coherently.

You see the redefining of English language terms to justify illogic.  Hypocrisy is one of their tools.  How is it that 50% of our population doesn’t see any of this or refuses to believe it when they do?  That is the definition of a true believer.

Looking for a third group isn’t much of a struggle.  We now look to the phony pseudo-conservatives within the self declared conservative party.  Jeff Flake and the late John McCain, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and even Rand Paul oppose the citizens and voters of this country who have said “we have had enough and we want change and not the type the last president was giving us”.  So why would these people side against someone attempting to “drain” the SWAMP?

They are all part of the SWAMP.  Being in politics is not supposed to be a career path.  It was called serving your fellow countrymen and your Nation, then going back to your regular lives.  Instead we are treated to womanizers such as Teddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy, Joe Biden, and others on both sides of the aisle whose main desires can be summed up in that old phrase “follow the money”.  Easy life, power over others, massaged egos because of that, and you pretty much can see why they don’t want the SWAMP system altered.

While I have already identified the leaders of the cult, the true SWAMP still has not been mentioned.  It is pervasive, so pervasive it is in every aspect of government from small entities to large.  Again the driving force is power over others.  It is all about rules.  Rules created to validate irrational actions based on larger agendas.  May I present the bureaucrats of the bureaucracies.

These people rely on the government for sustenance as much as anyone on welfare or other government assistance.  The majority of them can’t hold employment in private business or industry or simply choose not to because the power aspect of the job isn’t there.

So we have identified the players.  Opposing this massive group would be a minority of representatives who believe in liberty and the Constitution.  They are called the Freedom Caucus.  Wikipedia calls them “far right” as if it were derogatory.  Again, they represent the majority of Americans so of course they are the enemy of those within the SWAMP.

How can we expect Congress to take action for the American people when the majority of our elected representatives are part of the problem and embedded in the SWAMP?  So what branch of the Federal government, the only branch, has the ability to be a majority of one?

You wonder why the president has everyone at his throat including many within his own administration?  He is one man fighting against insane odds and a multitude of adversaries.  So it doesn’t make a difference who is in this position if that person is acting contrary to the preservation of the SWAMP denizens.  No one likes to be told, “You are fired” but we now have a man who made his media fame using that line.

Now do you see why any positive achievement must be contradicted?  Any action taken must be spun.  This man has put his family on the line because the SWAMP is worse than the mob, given their public statements saying if they can’t get the president they will go after his family.

So before you go back into your true believer fetal position in personal denial of the verifiable facts and well thought out deductive reasoning, I would suggest you attack my logic by finding other motives for the actions of those in opposition.

Actions speak louder than words.  The Democrat leadership has finally been exposed on their lie about wanting border security, the security they promised Reagan and the security they voted for in 2006.  Much like Obamacare and the phony Republican opposition, it is easy to promise action when you know the votes aren’t there.  Just like McCain screwing up ridding America of a failed healthcare system, the Schumers and Pelosis played the game until the writing on the wall says the Fat Lady Has Sung.

So America, you can see the truth as well as I can.  I am not interested in having a perfect man or woman as president.

I simply want one who doesn’t bullshit me and delivers on his or her promises …



9 thoughts on “THE SWAMP”
  1. I see once again that the unhinged Left feels the need to respond with non sequiturs and personal attacks. The Dixon riff raff troll, (an insult to hard working trolls manning bridges), is incorrect. I was voted into office in 2008, served for four years, and saved a city from bankruptcy while restoring as much personal freedom as possible given the bad old boy mayor and his ex police chief cohort who sat on the same council. Exactly the same thing as Trump is doing, attacking the swamp, I did and achieved some success. Would I like to return and finish the job? When ignorants such as the nom de plume artist Jimmy Dixon inhabit my town and remain in the majority, the town can and will rot.

    The Steelhead is a typical liberal ideologue attempting and failing to regurgitate the Left’s talking points and put the Left’s shortcomings onto Trump. While I might agree that Rex Tillerson was a swamp critter, the generals he brought in can not be characterized as that. There are no perfect candidates for cabinet positions just as there are few for elected office.

    The point seemingly missed by the respondents here is that this is one man against the world. While Rand Paul is not your typical swamp denizen, his libertarian views on defense and isolationism make him an enemy of the People. Reducing the military industrial complex is leftist ideology as demonstrated by Carter, Clinton, and Obama. Then you want to blame the conservative president who comes in and wants to rebuild the decimated military when it is one of the constitutional duties of the Federal government?

    While Larry Laufer’s comments are intelligent, I further disagree about his conclusion about government workers. I also have known many of them and none will stand up for what is right. One claimed to be a “reformer” but in truth never did anything and was only a cog in the machine. You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.

    “many of them are so hopelessly inured (in the system), they will fight to preserve it …”

    1. It may be worth noting that the vast majority of public employees I worked with were in safety classifications, which tend to run conservative. My wife was a liberal, a Clinton supporter in fact – she took the red pill (as I like to call it) and grew up almost instantly when she took a job with the state. Her transition from gullible democrat to reality based republican took only a single day in her new job. This is why I say that government employees tend to run conservative, they get to see all the wrongs that are committed in the name of ‘equality’, ‘fairness’, and ‘social justice’, while real justice is thrown out the window for fear that someone will twist the truth and scream ‘racism!’.

      Regarding Rand Paul. There is probably no politician that you agree with on 100% of issues, or is there for me. What I like about Rand Paul is that he believes that those who wrote the constitution did so from an enlightened place, and that those same people were a much brighter group of politicians than we have today (hard to argue on that). The government that constitution envisions is built around the innovation of the day, whether it be an industrial age or the tech era of today. Instead the constitution, at it’s core recognizes that ‘people will be people’ and with that recognition lays out a form of government that can function so long as the majority of the people are decent law abiding citizens. Regardless of party, there are many politicians who don’t recognize the wisdom of the founding fathers and would like to erode the basic tenets and rights that the constitution provides – Rand Paul is not one of them. There is no need to agree with him on 100% of his policies, so long as we stick to the basic principles that have given the people of this country the ability to thrive, we will be OK.

      So many people look at what is only wrong with what they disagree with, without regard to what is ‘right’. That kind of thinking isn’t any help regardless which side it comes from.

      1. Larry,

        If the majority ran conservative and vocalized their positions, especially in safety (I assume you mean public safety), California would not be broken. Wasn’t it their union which pretty much bankrupted this State?

        While it is fine to espouse the position, or become enlightened, it changes nothing if you do not act.

        I stand by my statement that the bureaucracy, not just in Kalifornia but throughout the country, is part of the problem as much as welfare and other subsidies which enslave people. You have even proven my point. Those conservatives within government refuse to speak because their livelihood is on the line just as the Democrat welfare garbage will continue to support those who give them hand outs such as Obama Claus.

        I will say that stereotyping an entire group of people will inevitably snag a few who don’t fit. They are far and few between.

        Glad to see there are still a few people out there who read and think.

        Have a good one …

  2. I agree with at least 90% of the article. The two points I disagree with are:

    1) Rand Paul. He is not part of the swamp, and actually want to go further than Trump does in going back to the government that was envisioned by the original (un-amended) Constitution. The only problem with Rand Paul is that he wants to completely do away with the Federal Reserve, while ignoring all the good it did – which is another discussion entirely.
    2) To portray everyone that works for the government as ‘in’ on the situation just isn’t true. Most people who work for the government are in fact conservative in nature as they see the ‘beast’ from the inside and see what a mess it is. I have known several people who were liberal, took a government job, turned conservative.

    steelhead – The statements you made are based on what the liberal media has fed people. If you look at it from another point of view, Trump has put his entire global business empire at risk in his attempt to lead the nation in another direction. He was asked to run for President decades ago and said ‘no’ stating that the liberal media and politicians would go after him – just as they have. It is worth noting that the media said (going backward in time) that Bush Jr., Bush Sr., Reagan, and Nixon were all ‘stupid and corrupt’. Since Bush Sr. just passed away it is worth noting that the media labeled him as a ‘wimp’. The ‘wimp’ was the youngest fighter pilot in the Navy, was shot down, survived being a prisoner of war, was CIA director, U.S. Ambassador, Vice President, and so on. He was also extremely well educated. The point is, the liberal media will bash any and all Republicans as they are allied with the Democrats in an effort to change this country into something that more closely resembles impoverished South/Central America. The question is why? The answer is control. Take it from there. Hope you are not foolish enough to vote Democrat, it hasn’t worked out so well for those in the past who have pinned their hopes on a benevolent government – that much is for sure.

    1. Typical response from the right. Ignore the facts and keep believing the lies. The two oxymoron’s that come to mine with this administration, Fiscal Conservatives, And Christian values.

      1. “Facts” please explain? “Lies” once again please explain? If you are simply going to make declarative statements without any support, how are we to consider what you say to have any relevance what so ever? It’s like saying the moon is “blue”. What basis do you have other than the media for writing what you have written? Do you happen to have some sort of personal relationship with the current president? Do you work in some capacity for the federal government in Washington DC? Are you a frequent visitor at the White House with special privileges? Unless you haven’t been following along for the past two years, the media hasn’t been the best source for honest appraisal of the current administration. Please don’t tell us you have some faith that politicians are the arbiters of factual information, or political commentators. What is the basis for you to proclaim on this forum some special knowledge of the current administration and to declare it as you have described? Like I say please explain yourself?

      2. steelhead-

        I am thankful every day that the vast majority of people within the U.S. in years past were not as ‘intelligent’ as you. You have made no argument, indicated no specific point you disagree with, offer nothing of value, but are very emotional while offering nothing of value. Perhaps you live in an altered state, the 57th state to be exact?

  3. He tried to drain the swamp only to fill his own cesspool with the most unqualified and corrupt people he could find. That includes him, He has made his fortune out of screwing the government out of taxes and out of the people who contracted work for him. Oh and don’t forget the banks that won’t touch him anymore.

    1. The “author” of this piece would jump headfirst into the cesspool if he could. But he’d have to get voted into office first, which he can’t seem to do.

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