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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – March 26, 2019 –

We have quite a comedy of errors going on nationally these days.  Of course this started some ten years ago after the mostly failed regime of yet another Bush and ended in the suicidal tenure of Barrack Hussein “Benito” “Milhouse” Obama who couldn’t muster even one positive accomplishment in eight years despite being given free reign due to the Republican establishment’s fear of confrontation based simply on race.

Now we have a new crop of nuts and it isn’t the nutritional kind.  Once again we have the thieves on the Left whining about those who do too well, wanting to tax the rich when they hit a certain level of income at 70 to 90%.  Now there’s an incentive killer if ever there was one.  However, that isn’t enough for Pocahontas Warren who wants to confiscate a percentage of accumulated assets of top of that.

Along with Warren and “crazy” Bernie we have the dancer, Ms. A-Ock as Mark Levin calls her.  Her pronouncements at speeches leaves no doubt that our collegiate educational institutions are failing at their intent of teaching basics in certain fields such as economics, philosophy, and comparative government.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is correct in at least one of her points.  If we elect socialists, democratic socialists, communists, or other societal engineers to positions of power, the world as we know it will cease to exist in twelve years or less.  Think about it.  Better yet, take a trip to Venezuela or even the Middle East.  Tyrannies are always fatal for the little guys.

Cortez is thankfully not running for the Democrat party’s nomination.  We have already seen and heard the group’s stances on taxes and a number of other subjects.  Sifting through their goals to see what drives them needs to be examined.

Rush Limbaugh was on target with his observation about those running what is left of the Democratic party.  They are like spoiled children.  If they don’t get what they want, they want to change the system to ensure they get their way.  Get rid of the electoral college, add more justices (only those seeing their way) to the Supreme Court, and force everyone to behave as they see fit by controlling speech and the print media.  Tell me where I am wrong when they themselves prove these statements with their own actions and words.

If you think I am wrong, the conspiracy against our duly elected president, Donald Trump, continues and proves my point in spades.  From Trump’s inauguration the cacophony of unfounded complaints crescendoed with Hollywood types calling for destroying the White House to one picture holding Trump’s severed bloody head.  Prior to this they went after Michael Flynn as the initiation to their rebellion against the will of the people voiced in the presidential election.  I said at the time it was a mistake for Trump, Flynn, or both to cave in any way, shape, or form.

Now we have the Mueller report out and the spin has already begun.  “There was no collusion but I am not exonerating the President.”  Really?

First off no one appointed Mueller, (Robert but I prefer BOB as it is reflective of one of my best descriptive terms for those control freaks on the inside, Bad Old Boys), judge, jury and executioner.

Second, collusion isn’t a crime in the first place otherwise Hillary would be in jail right now.  Third, you can’t say Trump might have done something we don’t know about so therefore he can’t be completely exonerated.

Why not just tell the truth? The same truth anyone with a wit of sense knew right after his election humiliated the crazy Left.  Now Mueller’s report is out and there was no collusion and there never was any on his or his team’s part.  But wait.

Mueller’s report stated that Trump’s team was offered numerous opportunities but didn’t act on them.  Not so with Adam Schiff who was offered “dirt” on Trump and jumped at the offer only to find out he was being pranked.  We will not even go into all of the crap “dirty” Hillary did in securing not only the DNC nomination but taking up where the Republican establishment left off in their aborted attempt to create a dossier to destroy Trump prior to his election.

No, the dirty truth is that a coup was attempted against a legally elected president by members of the FBI, the media, and the progressives in the Democrat party.  Rather than standing up for what is right, we have many of those on the Right playing their establishment game of going along to get along.  Sickening.

The House of Representatives now in the control of the Democrat haters want further investigations and hope to find anything which could amount to an impeachable offense.  How about they all quit wasting our tax money and concentrate on something which would be actually beneficial for all of our citizens?

Of course I have the reason why this will never happen.  Listening to the poster child of liberal insanity, Maxine Waters, all you will hear is hate.  Its all about Auntie Maxine and not the country.  She is a racist to boot along with being a Femi-Nazi and sexist.  Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech fell on deaf ears.

The danger of letting those who were oppressed govern us is that it always ends in retribution for the sins of our fore fathers.  That doesn’t work for me and it shouldn’t for you either.  It seems that most in positions of power are only there to fatten their own wallets.  Take Auntie or Di-Fi as two examples.

So Mueller didn’t give the Left what their little hearts desired.  How long will it be before he comes under attack?  First the ne’er-do-wells will go after the new attorney general to release all of the details of the investigation.  Then the crazies will say he wasn’t thorough enough.  That is when the attacks on Mueller will begin in earnest to justify their further waste of time and money.

The bright light in all of this is that Trump didn’t fold, cave, or moderate his positions.  I might say he has even been emboldened by his “exoneration”.  He has already announced several new positive moves.  Obamacare’s repeal through the courts, as his own worthless party couldn’t get the job done thanks to John McCain, is on the horizon.  Hopefully Bill Barr, the AG, will get seriously aggressive against not only those who have broken the law including States which continue to do so.

On a final note, the other attempt is now to change the charge from collusion to obstruction of justice.  Idiots like Eric Holder, Obama’s wonderful AG who gave us “fast and furious” which armed drug cartels and led to the deaths of our agents, now claims that “burying” the report is proof of obstruction.  If there is nothing in the report stating there was collusion or any other crime, the only thing violated is the “right to know” if there even is such a thing.

Are these people really that stupid?  Or do they just think we are all as stupid as they are? …

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  1. Donna something happened to my first response to this wonderful article that Michael Ceremello wrote to the Crescent City Times. Ceremello is the most articulate person who has ever written for the Crescent City Times we are very fortunate to have his commentary! The guy that wrote the letter to the CCtimes saying What a load of Crap should have never been published throw that letter away. Ceremello is the best Commenter you will probably ever have!

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