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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – June 8, 2022

Here are the UNOFFICIAL results from the three hotly contested Supervisor District races up for grabs…19 of 19 Precincts reporting:

District 3: 1155 votes cast (32.69% voter turnout).

HOWARD 627 56.74%

Magarino 254 22.99%

Akin. 224 20.27%

District 4: 955 votes cast (26.45% voter turnout).

BORGES 415 44.67%

Adams 234 25.19%

Stone 223 24.00%

Sargent. 57 6.14%

Borges and probably Adams will run off in November.

District 5: 905 votes cast 27.66% voter turnout.

WILSON 349 39.75%

Masten 298 33.94%

Colton 96 10.93%

Jones 82 9.34%

Markel. 53 6.04%

Wilson will run off against Masten in November.

Clerk Alissia Northrup announced she and her staff will be tallying an unannounced number of provisional and late arriving mail-in ballots postmarked in a timely manner.

Until then, the vote remains UNOFFICIAL.

Congratulations to DA Katie Micks and Sheriff Garrett Scott who ran unopposed.

Congratulations also to Treasurer/ Tax Collector Barbara Lopez, Assessor Jennifer Perry, Auditor Clinton Schaad and County Clerk Alissia Northrup.

One thought on “The Unofficial Results”
  1. It is encouraging that two anti-tax candidates received the most votes in two Districts.
    What is very discouraging regardless of outcomes is the embarrassing voter turnouts. There have been several close elections here and you have to wonder on different outcomes if more folks had voted.
    Our democracy is threatened if only cronies vote. Time to consider measures to increase turnout, such as tax refunds or assistance checks tied to voting.

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