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Opinion & Commentary By Donna Westfall – March 8, 2024

Only about 41% of the registered voters actually turned out.
Want to know how many could have voted? 14,743

Why? I don’t have the answers.

Let’s start with the office of Judge: Karen Olson won with 2,993 while Keith Morris got 2,359.

District 1 Supervisor – Incumbent Darrin Short won with 564 votes.

District 2 Supervisor – Incumbent Valerie Starkey won with 606 to Rivers Drown 359.

District 5 Supervisor – Incumbent Dean Wilson won with 590 votes vs Heather Polen with 346 and Linda Sutter at 196. There are supposedly 2,938 registered voters in District 5. What happened to them? 1,132 votes vs 2,938 registered voters. That’s unbelievable.

Don’t expect anything to change on the Board of Supervisors.

Prop 1 – not popular in this county. But, we’ll have to see how the rest of the state voted. It may be a few more days.

US Rep in Congress District 2 – Jared Huffman with 2,561, over Chris Coulombe with 2,086.

State Assembly District 2 – Michael Greer dominated with 3,093 and not even close, Rusty Hicks with 1,129.

Senator – Steve Garvey trounced Adam Schiff. They will advance to the November general election.

Of course, Trump had the Republican vote and Biden had the Democratic vote.

That’s the end of the March 2024 election.

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