Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Newspapers use archives for yesterdays, so should our past transgressions also be archived?  Some things might be good to be shelved. Anyways, a reader wrote to me to say I’d left her hanging with a column I’d written a while back and I’d better clarify it.

I wanted to write back saying, “I bet it didn’t hurt like it did old William Williams’ in that Steve Thayer novel,” but I didn’t.  So, here’s my attempt to clear up a few things…albeit a year late.

It was a long winter.  Seemed like Mom and Dad didn’t have much energy and slept a lot.  I didn’t have anyone to wrestle with.  Dad became restless and one day he was gone.

The girl in red came back with the warm weather.  Hadn’t seen the people who greeted her last time in a long time.  She brought with her many boxes.

Mom always told me that being shy was good, that I wouldn’t get hurt that way.

The girl in red had many visitors that summer, but I wasn’t one of them.

Ah Shucks





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