Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – January 20, 2022

Voting is underway in the Recall of three SF board members who refused to open schools. 2022 is the year of accountability.

Even San Francisco’s liberal Mayor and Senator support the Recall. Throughout California, I’ve met many lifelong Democrats who are voting differently this year. Some things, it turns out, go beyond partisanship – sanity, decency, and respect.

2022 also offers a chance for the ultimate measure of accountability in education: putting funding in the hands of parents. You can access the petition for the School Choice ballot proposition here

Fighting for accountability is how I see my job in the Legislature. We just won a small victory when we got the “Superintendent of Equity” to resign his $180,000 post, after I pointed out his hiring was illegal. And it’s how I’ll see my job in Congress.

For instance, we’ve now learned Biden’s Administration was behind the outrageous letter calling parents “domestic terrorists” for speaking up at school board meetings. The fact no one has resigned shows how badly accountability is needed.

Help me bring accountability to the Biden Administration

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