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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – December 30, 2021

The president of this Country is walking along the sea shore for the
next two weeks, we haven’t heard a peep out of his majesty Hair Gel for
awhile now, and the local fellows in charge decided that they could take
a session off as well.  Thank heavens the City Council is available for
a “special session” to consider the hiring of Martha Rice as the City’s
part time/full time attorney to the tune of $118,000 per year.  She
seems to be a regular attendee at the taxpayers “free lunch”.  Lest not
we forget, the City will also sneak in a vote on the latest sister city
folly, by voting to approve spending $10,000 for some quality
decorations in Beach Front Park commemorating the City’s continuing slap
in the face of most sensible Citizens of the City.

But, Hey, nobody ever claimed that National, State, or even local
government was there to improve the quality of life for those they are
supposed to be representing.  Not that the local Board of Supervisors
would care if some of the County’s local troublemakers might wish to
have a crack at some “Public Comments”.  No, that is too much trouble
for the Board to hear something that troubles a County resident, the
current crop of County bureaucrats have been partying it up over the
last couple of weeks and are unable to generate any new business for the
Board to consider.  After all, the County’s Lords and Ladies come first,
their offerings are what the Board hangs on for every word.  The plebs
out in the County haven’t anything to complain about, the Board hasn’t
really anything they’d be interested in after all.  Just more money for
Princess Snow to squander on the “Legacy”.

It is interesting that at least according to the nightly news, we are in
the largest out break of the “pandemic” since it started, two years
ago.  We here in California have been in a “state of emergency” since
March of 2020, yet no one is minding the store. Everyone “in Charge”
seems to have taken a few days off.  The very least that the local boys
could have done is pass a few mandates not allowing anyone to come into
the County until the next year has passed.  After all the local public
health wizards indicated that there is “two” more Covid victims in the
hospital, heaven help us.  Likely the state of another surge.  But wait,
recent news out of the CDC seems to indicate that we can’t trust the
testing.  Not like we haven’t heard that one before.  Maybe King Biden
will have all those test kits sent out before too many people hear about
the latest from the CDC.  Wouldn’t want some drug manufacturer to lose
out on all that profit.

So its the end of the year and most of us have survived another year of
oppressive government interference in our lives and lived to tell about
it.  Maybe it was a blessing that the Board of Stupervisors took a night
off and saved us from more idiocy. 

If only Governor Hair Gel could be
persuaded to take the next year off, say in Mexico, what more could
Californians ask for.   Yes, that would be Ice Cream Cone Biden would
get lost on the beach in Delaware and not be able to find his way home. 
Ice cream is after all a mighty big incentive to skip all that
troublesome “White House” stuff and nobody will laugh when the ice cream
dribbles down his shirt front.  Happy New Year to all.  May 2022 be
better for all.

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