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Opinion Piece By Linda Sutter – August 31, 2021

Ivermectin is flying off the shelf.

The news media has finally caught up realizing people who were vaccinated are a danger to society as their vaccine caused mutation hence delta variant.

In the meantime the Pfizer drug must provide their studies, a sample of the vaccine, and their labeling into FDA by September 4th, and if they do not, no one can mandate any vaccine according to federal law and Nuremberg Code. What is happening in our town and at the hospital is unnecessary. Had Dr. Stutz given Ivermectin to those patients they could have survived. But instead we have a predictable shit show.

A medical Doctor recently went before a city council and stated the vaccines cause antibody dependency. Enabling a virus to enter cells and worsen the disease.

He went onto say for those who have received the jab to ask your doctor for a D-Dimer test to determine on a microscopic level if blood clotting is occurring.

Dr. Stutz along with other liberal doctors in our community will not prescribe Ivermectin to their patients forcing people to buy it from India, which I don’t recommend.

Supervisor Gerry Hemmingson scoffs at Ivermectin and wants to push the vaccines down our throats. These leaders want to force them on the children. These vaccines will sterilize our children and kill our elderly. Dr. Stutz states he gets all his information from Israel. Currently 78% of Israelis jabbed greatly increased the risk of contracting the viral illness not the other way around. In fact the Supreme Court suspended mass jabbing, stating the vaccines are bio terrorism. The jab delivers health destroying spike proteins to the human body.

Is Dr. Stultz the kind of doctor we want mandating and forcing these vaccines to our public?

I say, NO!

9 thoughts on “Things are about to get on the real.”
  1. Great Reply Linda …. and I agree with your term “ Slaughter Coast Hospital “! It’s a shame but true ….. Martha is a idiot and you don’t VOMIT hate you just try to seek Alternatives instead of MASS JABS… keep up the good work Linda!

  2. Martha…hmmmmm who could this be? I’ll give the readers 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count. If I’m wrong. Whoops. Only a bitter, hateful, irrelevant Has-Been would use the all-to-familiar rebuttal of personal attacks and Hate-filled remarks. Such predictable, baseless rhetoric from the washed up #BernieBro camp. Still grinding your teeth over that fact your #Gulags and #RedForEd platform dried up and blew away? Your empty remarks don’t address the Facts that Linda Sutter’s articles are hitting OVER the TARGET on IVERMECTIN. If you weren’t so consumed by attacking the Messenger, it wouldn’t take you but 2 minutes to find Ivermectin has been administered GLOBALLY with high success rates. It just won a huge court case as a call to humanity.. In fact, a doctor was quoted earlier that the hospitalizations could be reduced by 88% if states that banned these therapeutics, were offered to their patients and that this death toll could be eliminated. Very disturbing facts knowing our hospitals are refusing the Right to Try on experimental therapies, yet shoving an experimental Vax that has proven to have adverse reactions, even death. Yet the only thing that bothers you, is the person who wrote this very informative and accurate article…. Even the Famous Joe Rogan is trending on his personal story of the list of therapeutics he took that knocked his Covid out from last Sunday to this Wednesday. Pretty good comeback from the deadly Covid PlanDemic that has a 99.97% survival rate. But hey, I’m sure some of your bitterness lies within yourself because you gobbled up the propaganda and took the jab that can never be reversed or removed from your DNA. Doesn’t it just peeve you that your Almighty Democratically controlled Media lied to everyone and even tricked their own base? #Boomerang! Word to the wise…that very same drug that you scoff as crazy Horse Dewormer…may come to your aid…because doctors are using it on the Covid Vax-Injurred as well. The irony of it all, Martha, you see, you have no knowledge of the agenda at stake here. It’s high time you stop vommitting hate and just start listening and looking at the big picture.

    It was SUGGESTED or Proposed to the ISRAEL Supreme Court to end mass vaccinations. Their Supreme Court did not end mass vaccination.

  4. To anyone not from our area that happens to read this (doubtful, because this website is garbage), Linda Sutter is a joke around here. When she starts talking during a public comment period, people sigh and stop listening before she even starts because she never has anything constructive to add to any discussion. She is ALWAYS trying to make something out of nothing and this right wing conspiracy website is the perfect outlet for her to try and spread her nonsense. She has zero credentials yet she thinks she knows more than well respected scientists and doctors who have spent their lives trying to help people. All she does is move from one theory to the next hoping that one will catch on so she can spout more nonsense.

    1. To anyone from our area who happens to read Martha’s comment, Martha is a joke around here. When she starts talking at any time people sigh and stop listening to her leftist/progressive drivel because she never is able to defend what doesn’t work. She is ALWAYS trying to push her left wing narratives and has little constructive or beneficial to add to any conversation. She has zero credentials, yet Martha thinks she is smarter than any one else. She has a dismissive attitude for any scientist or medical professional that runs contrary to the regurgitated misinformation produced for left wingers in a bubble. As left wing action crashes and burns, Martha moves seamlessly from one crackpot idea to another to justify her victumhood. She never acknowledges she was wrong. She loathes anything that might produce a functioning USA and is in love with anything that separates or divides us. She wishes anything that runs contrary to her way of thinking is censored, so she doesn’t have to actually defend her nonsense or way of thinking. Martha is right out there in front of what she thinks is wrong, she just is incapable of doing anything about it or fixing the problem. She expects someone else to solve all of her problems according to what is acceptable to her.

    2. Martha, as you were told on other social media websites, voicing other possible alternatives for Covid other than what this hospital is using should be welcomed instead of downplayed. Oregon Doctors are giving Ivermectin to patients. 3 mg three times a day, for 5 days. I have talked to people who it worked on. As far as conspiracy, I look at both sides. If things at Sutter Coast hospital are causing death what other alternative is there? If you’re going to die, don’t you want to at least explore the possibility of beating death by taking Ivermectin?

      As far as people not appreciating the fact that I exercise my liberty and you feel what I have to say is a waste of time. I disagree. I get more done in this county then most of the elected. For those who sit on the sidelines and do nothing and say nothing nor participate in our local government meetings and what is going on. Shame on you. There will be a day when this cat will have had enough and people like you who blindly allow the government to take away your liberties will get what you wished for. I suggest you watch the movie Idiosyncrasy…it’s right up your alley.

      In the meantime when you end up at Slaughter Coast Hospital gasping for air due to Covid and you beg for Ivermectin but they won’t give it to you, enjoy having the ventilator pushed down your throat.

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