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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – January 9, 2020

You have been given all the information you need to make judgments for yourself.  You don’t need me to tell you how or what to think.  I give you my analysis of the facts and my deductive reasoning accompanied by logic to reach conclusions.  Those are my conclusions.  Despite my best efforts to educate or convince you, you are still allowed to take your own path.  Free will should not be ignorant of its ramifications.

Liberty versus Slavery

I cannot help being repetitive.  We have a civil war raging in America.  The war is ideological, liberty versus slavery, personal freedom opposed to tyranny by the supposed elite, capitalism pitted against socialism, the entry drug toward communism.

You need to decide how you want to live.  How much longer will you willingly accept government theft of 13% of your wages in California?  Do you like being told what you can believe, what you can say, and the redefinition of terms to engineer society towards the shackles of group think?

Let me make it perfectly clear.  I don’t condone hate speech or aggression against others.  If you want to hate, that is a valid emotion but a personal choice.  By the way, I don’t need you to define what hate means either.

Why is it okay to hate our current president but not our last one?  Why is it racist if you hate the last one because he was half black but not racist to hate the current one because he is a white Christian male?  Logic is missing or perhaps logic gets in the way of the ends justifying the means.

Middle East Actions

Since when is it “assassination” to take out a military officer actively engaged in a declared 40 year old war?  No, the US hasn’t reciprocated by acknowledging the other country’s declaration.  History has shown this type of terminal action happens at all levels of government.

Was it “against the rules” to take out Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gaddafi, or Saddam Hussein?  Cultural sites are off limits?  This is sort of like hiding in a church.  I don’t care where you are if you are at war with me.  You need to be sacrificed on the altar of sanity for the protection of those you would kill.

The only thing Muslim clerics understand is power and strength.  Do you suppose there was a reason Iran didn’t respond after Reagan sunk their entire navy?  Fast forward to the present, do you suppose there was a reason the ballistic missiles didn’t hit the military bases targeted in Iraq?

As for Colon Kaepernick, American imperialism would be physically eliminating the enemy and repopulating the region with our own people.  Obama’s “colonialism” is likewise unjustified because we don’t run our “protectorates” as colonies.

Since places like Puerto Rico and the Philippines, as well as Mexico, Venezuela, and Cuba, can’t seem to function all that well, bringing in an American system backed by the full force of unfettered capitalism might be worthy of experimentation.  Socialism, communism and accompanying dictatorships have shown dismal results with only those at the top benefiting.  “Some animals are more equal than others.”

Democrats’ Response

I finally “get” the Democrats.  They are truly wimps and cowards.  You can point to FDR but he started off far more conservative than how he ended his marathon encampment at the White House.  JFK was military and at least understood basic economics.

So now that the president has done what every president, including George Washington, has done, the House wants to pass a resolution altering the Constitution by taking away separation of powers, giving themselves control over the Executive Branch?  Once again we see one party wanting to change the rules because they don’t like the results.

Exactly what is it those who didn’t like the elimination of a terrorist want to accomplish?  Why do the media laud an enemy?  The enemy of my enemy is my friend?  Not when that enemy wants to see you and all members of the Great Satan dead.

There was a time when sedition, aiding the enemy, and treason were viewed much more harshly.  The biggest problem the US faces right now is the enemy within.  Much as the Roman Empire was destroyed, there is one party attempting to recreate our country in the failed image of the rest of the central government controlled countries from where people run to the US.

Radical Libertarians

Once again I heard Mark Levin call out Rand Paul and Mike Lee as radical libertarians.  That terminology is incorrect.  I am a radical libertarian.  I don’t believe in strict isolationism and I do believe the deterrence of a potent offense is the best defense.  Paul and Lee are typical libertarians as most libertarians believe in sticking their heads in the sand until they are eliminated by an overwhelming adversary.

The point to be made is groups shouldn’t be so homogeneous that debate is stifled and moves easily predicted.  Think outside of the box, whether it be environmental, conservative, regressive, or socialist.



Do we or do we not want peace on our terms?  My good friend, Ian Arnold, makes me question his political views given his two military injuries serving our country.  He more than once asked me how it felt to be irrelevant.  The current cabal caucus of his chosen children of communism has more than demonstrated their intent.  With the rise of Bernie Sanders and the eventual fall of Joe Biden, a direct confrontation for the presidency will result in the same type of landslide victory Nixon enjoyed over McGovern.  The irrelevancy of the Democrat party will be upon you.

If the US is so terrible, why are people coming here instead of going elsewhere?  Come to think of it, why didn’t Rosie O’Donnell and the rest of Hollyweird head to Canada as they promised?

If you don’t like a booming economy, less regulation, less taxation, and the freedom which ensues from all of this, you are in the wrong country.  Be my guest.

Get out …

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  1. Our household gave up on California and recently moved to another state. We find ourselves surrounded by others who have left California for the same reason – insane liberals. We didn’t realize how much freedom we had lost in California over the decades until we moved. A lot of people say that if what is happening in California continues, it will be too late. It is already too late. When the next recession hits, California will fall off of a financial cliff. Invest your time and money wisely and elsewhere.

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