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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – January 29, 2022

On Monday, the Assembly will vote on the Single Payer bill. AB 1400 abolishes private insurance and has the government take over healthcare. It would double state taxes.

Apparently, this is not a drill. Democrat leaders are vowing to “make sure members who vote ‘no’ on the legislation will not be endorsed by the California Democratic Party for the upcoming election.”

The craziest thing is this might not be the worst bill in the Legislature. That distinction goes to SB 871, which mandates the vaccine for kindergarten and up, or SB 866, which removes parent consent. Even the LA Times opposes this outrageous legislation.

It’s no wonder we’ve reached a dubious milestone in the California Exodus. In a new report, U-Haul reveals it literally ran out of trucks to accommodate people fleeing the state. The meme calling Newsom their “Salesman of the Year” is certainly on target.

On a related note, new jobs numbers are in. You’ll never guess which state has the highest unemployment this month. Hint: it’s the same as the last 3 months.

The big news out of Congress is that Nancy Pelosi is running for reelection. This raises the stakes in our race, as winning this seat could be the key to ending Pelosi’s Speakership. It’s all the more reason we need Republicans in Congress who will fight.

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