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Opinion piece by Susan Kanen – March 2, 2017 –
I worked at a DC water treatment plant and there was absolutely no monitoring for Fluoride poisoning of workers. Why should they? Isn’t Fluoride TOTALLY safe and effective?
HF and SiF4 are the gasses scrubbed by fertilizer pollution devices. After HFSA addition to the water, evidently these Fluoride gasses are not fully dissolved or dissociated into ions but some is actually are given off into the air and being heavier than air accumulated in the enclosed spaces in the basement where I studied and eventually blew the whistle on lead in drinking water These gasses of Fluoride etched glass windows and corroded door and window frames at the water treatment plant so bad hinges failed and panes of glass fell out and broke.
See heavier than air gasses of Fluoride:(
I suffered acute Fluoride poisoning on the job added to my chronic Fluoride poisoning lifelong resulting with many serious symptoms the AMA doctors had no clue were related to Fluoride.
Pity our poor water treatment emplyoees untrained to prevent and recognize Fluoride poisoning. Pity the rest of us ingesting the stuff too!
At my level of fluoride exposures, I had classic fluoride poisoning symptoms including dental fluorosis from childhood, none of my doctors in 2013 ($150,000 worth) recognized fluoride poisoning even when I told them my exposures. After three years of avoiding fluoride, I have lab reports and evidence documenting slow recovery from persistent elevated parathyroid hormone levels, thyroid goiter and antibodies, kidney stones, acute pancreatitis, renal cysts, enlarged heart, peripheral neuropathy, GERD, GI and bladder irritation, hair loss, delaminated nails, dry skin, cognitive impairment and memory loss, hip replacement with ashed bone at 1500 ppm Fluoride, uterine fibroids and prolapse, and (breast, ligaments, phlebolith, thyroid nodules) calcifications.

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