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By Samuel Strait – June 6, 2016 –
Over the past couple of weeks the letters to the editor in the Triplicate regarding current supervisor Roger Gitlin have put me in mind of those seminar callers who call radio programs and trot out the same spiel over and over again in order to establish a false narrative in the minds of the listeners.  It is as though a handful of people are sitting around a table without much variation, writing the same letter in a variety of ways, using the same words, and examples seeking to sling enough mud so that the false narrative found in last year’s Grand Jury Report is pulled kicking and screaming back from the grave in an effort to resurrect it.

Normally these letters are written in support of Kathryn Murray where they hope to establish a contrast with Murray’s record.  Of course in most instances we are asked to trust the word of largely out-of-area politicians about things that have barely risen to the conscious level of most local residents, because Murray’s record as a city counselor is so completely devoid of any significant accomplishments that one has to be constantly awakened while reading what is written.  If Murray was not cosey with the local Democratic Party, where she has ingratiated herself and been groomed to be installed as a lock step supporter of Martha McClure, It is doubtful with all of her personal baggage and abysmal record on the city counsel that she would even pass the smell test as a credible candidate.

Roger Gitlin on the other hand has this County’s best interests at heart.  In the time he has been here he has recognized two fundamental issues that plague Del Norte County, and those are a lack of stable economy and the fact that local government agencies cannot always provide solutions for our problems.   People may not necessarily always like it, but at some point individuals with the necessary energy and drive must first look to solve those problems by using their own ingenuity without becoming further dependent on local government.   Many of the things that Mr. Gitlin gets involved in are examples of a fresh way to resolve basic problems, often several at a time.  I have never found Roger to be rude, belligerent, bombastic, or bullying.  He listens well and more often than not has positive and constructive ideas to add to the conversation.  In my experience of watching various supervisors at meetings, Roger is often the only supervisor that has more the a superficial knowledge of the issues before the board.  This comes across clearly when the supervisors are asked to weigh in on anything put before them.  He does not appear to have a preconceived agenda and wants local government to work with efficiency and economy.

Projects that Roger engages in are often accomplished, not with tax payer dollars, but the gathering of local resources and simply getting the job done.  While it shouldn’t, it often puts local government efforts to shame.  Another thing to keep in mind, is that we will only have Roger’s energy for a short time as he embodies the true nature of a citizen representative without any aspirations of becoming a life long politico.  It is important that the citizens of District One recognize his true worth and reelect Roger Gitlin, Supervisor District One.

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