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Opinion by Samuel Strait – March 22, 2022

While driving through town yesterday,  I could not help but notice a
group of young, fit women walking towards the “Y” along highway 101, all
maskless but one.  It was clear they knew one another as they were
talking as they walked North.  It was with great difficulty that I
suppressed my urge to laugh out loud as the masked up woman who no doubt
felt virtuous outside showing off her political correctness with the
mask she never needed to wear. Seniors, the people with a large amount
of extra weight, or those whose immune systems were failing might have
an excuse for the idiotic behavior displayed by the young woman.  It is
altogether humorous, yet, sad for such a person to be so enslaved by her
politics, that mask wearing is the only way she can broadcast to the
world that she is unable to set aside her political religion.

Nearly everywhere else masks have been dispensed with and the science
has remained the same before Covid, and now after.  As comical as those
that remain bound to the silliness that mask wearing has become, there
remains a shrinking group of useful idiots that cling to the statement
being made by their failure to reveal their faces in a world that is now
for them in Covid porn chaos.  This young, fit, and healthy human being
is wearing her mask like a shield against anything that distorts her
world view, no matter how ridiculous.  It continues to validate her view
of the world no matter how much the world has gone off and left her and
many others wondering when the draconian, dictators will return and
demand those that freed themselves to mask up.   Order restored…

The masked have become like a tribe all occupying the same political
tent waiting breathlessly for the masking to resume so they might say “I
told you so, it is not over yet, look at me”. While hilarious and
entertaining, I often wonder just how long the charade will last.  Or
will the “safety squad” return and put their collective foot down at the
slightest excuse to do so. After all, things like freedom, personal
choice, and individualism are only for the dweebs that populate the
Walmart parking lot in less than sensible shoes.  They are the “white
supremacists”, racists, and xenophobic haters that show up at school
board meetings protesting against Critical Race Theory, Marxist
educators, and the garbage that passes for education.  The mask is a
symbol insisted on by Teacher’s unions and other mask wears that affirms
that they are continuing to “fight the just cause”.

Masks have been off for most of the rest of the nation for months, if
not for an entire year.  Here on the West Coast and other “blue states”
we are barely beginning to transition to a maskless society, yet a
surprising number of people continue to wear their face decoration as if
to say we are not ready to give up our power to coerce and dictate to
the remainder of the world that does not share our politics.  The
message by the masked is that they are on board with what has transpired
over the last fourteen months where inflation has gone crazy, gasoline
is at $7 and $8 per gallon in San Francisco and Los Angeles, set to go
higher.  They are overjoyed with rising crime, a flood of illegal
immigrants on our Southern Boarder, and the Biden foreign policy that
resulted in the catastrophe of Afghanistan, and now the Ukraine.  They
revel in gender dysphoria where women’s sports have been destroyed by
trans men and feminism has become speechless in the face of “there are
certain things that distinguish men from women”.  Sports in the glaring
spotlight of reality happens to be one of them…..

It remains unclear when the bubble of the past two years will finally
burst for those that continue to hide behind masks, hopefully sooner
rather than later.  I think it will be much harder for those that held
sway over the masses for the bulk of the pandemic to reinsert their
political will now that all sorts of messaging has burst through the
gates of Media narratives and censorship by social media.  Dr. Anthony
Fauci, the CDC and the FDA have largely been exposed as political
players who follow the will of Washington DC.  Many in the medical
community and academia will find it far more difficult to be trusted
with the Nation’s health and safety going forward.  Opposition to
control freaks on the left has now become a national sport, that will
not die quite as easily this time around.  Much of America is “over”
being frightened by the crazed leftists in this Country and wish to get
on with their lives in a free and nannyless state……

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