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By Branden Bieber – February 14, 2022

Don’t expect anything other than disappointment when listening to our local leaders. They are either complacent in the degradation of our community, or too ignorant to offer real solutions to the growing list of problems in Del Norte County. The host of your meeting (Chris Howard) and County CAO ( Neal Lopez) has the most to gain from the approved pay raise. Should we really expect him to care where the money comes from? Not affecting the CAO’s neighborhood, other recent budget allocations will likely attract and retain more homeless to our community.

I have not heard one tangible outcome from County Administration or the Board of Supervisors, besides the ability to inflate Government spending. In F.Y. 2020, our tax dollars paid about 70 County employees over $100,000. According to Transparent California our County salaries are 65% higher than wages in the local private sector, and we spend over 32 million dollars a year on County Salaries. As one of the poorest Counties in the State, what do we get for these considerate salaries?

• Highly controversial election processes and outcomes

• A Roadway Safety Plan (a public survey to define deficiencies they are too blind to see)

• More infrastructure proposals, followed with continued inaction

• Assaults on our American Freedoms

• Increased Blight

• A homeless hotel

• Skyrocketing Inflation

• More social despair, substance abuse, mental illness, child abuse, and Violence

• Diminishing economic opportunities

Besides the hard working people in the Building/Maintenance Department, and Road Department it’s difficult to find anything positive our County is achieving. Maybe someone reading this can respond and illustrate some of the positive outcomes County Administrators have accomplished. We could all use some positive News! While you’re at it, please explain why the County is hiring a Nurse? Could it be, the County has condoned Sutter Health’s ongoing price gauging and now want a piece of the action. Yes, Sutter Health is being sued AGAIN, this time with 3 million plaintiffs. I hope that government stays out of providing health care, but the County Health and Human Services Department is drastically increasing.

Government employment appears to be the beacon of opportunity for the County, and for perspective employees. If anyone is looking for a job, the County has 31 positions available. If you have a pulse, you’ll likely be considered and handsomely overcompensated (that goes for selfish Administration, most departmental staff probably have difficulty paying their bills like the rest of us.)

We cannot limit the criticism to our local governing boards. State representatives are bullying local government and our community. Constituents increasing comments of frustration to CoVid protocols are responded to with threats of government litigation and fee’s. Last week, our state Assembly unconscionably voted to continue the imposed State of Emergency. It’s a Story made for Hollywood, and culminated with the Super Bowl party in Inglewood California. If a person hasn’t read the State Of Emergency proclamation established Mar 4 2020, please do so. This document is not about the health of California citizens. Instead, it’s a political opportunity for unilateral authority, increasing the monetary value for invested stakeholders, and Zoom.

We can only kick a downed dog so long! Someone needs to restore respect and authority to the County with a rebuttal to these accusations of negligence. Or, is it really as bad as it appears to be? We need the TRUCKERS!

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