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Submitted by Bob Berkowitz – May 9, 2016 –

I want to thank all of you who voted on Tuesday. Voting is a right that we enjoy and it gives you the power to express your feelings in a meaningful way.

By voting for Linda Sutter, Terri Colton and me, over 60 percent of you said you wanted a change from what we have had for the last 20 years. All three of us believed that the timeline offered to fix Last Chance Grade of 23 years was way too long and you agreed that it should not take that long. This was in direct contrast from the position offered by our current supervisor. He was offered the opportunity to debate me on radio about this issue but he had ducked out of it, saying he has other things to do. I can’t think of another issue that would have the effect of destroying the economic and social fabric of our community. You deserve to know where each of stands on this issue.

With the threat by Sutter Coast Hospital to implement a “Critical Access” designation, the three of us agreed that it could put the health needs of Del Norters at risk. Since we began discussing the negative aspects of this, Sutter Coast Hospital has backed off of this position, however I believe that they will come back with their application for the “Critical Access” designation when the heat has died down. I believe that we must keep the pressure on and not let this issue go away. Our current supervisor has agreed not say anything about this issue. The only statement the board has made was 4 years ago. I say that is not good enough. Your health is too important to be left to those whose only motivation is making a bigger profit.

I was talking to several tourists at a restaurant the other night and one thing they agreed on was that our county looked dirty and unkept. It’s a good thing they did not get off the highway and go to Pacific Shores or go to some of the neighborhoods where trash is everywhere. We all agree that something must be done about our blighted communities. The key to getting some of these areas cleaned up rests with the funding from our board of supervisors. They have mainly left the clean up to volunteers like those of Supervisor Gitlins group, “Take a Bite out of Blight” campaign. For the last two years he was chairman, our supervisor did not think this was important so he never even put it on the agenda for discussion, much less action.

In November you will have the choice to keep things as they are or vote for a positive change in the way we do business and actually do something instead of getting more of the same promises and more hot air.

Your current supervisor has been in office for 20 years and now wants 4 more years. You need to ask yourself if he has earned it?

One last thing. My differences with Mr. Finigan are with his policies and are not personal in any way. In the past, we have even worked together. So I would urge anyone who thinks they are doing me a favor by writing a letter to the editor that disparages my opponent on a personal level, please don’t. Lets make this a campaign of issues and policies.

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