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In February 2015, just two weeks after the approval of the world’s first genetically engineered apple, the company responsible for its creation cashed in — to the tune of $41 million dollars, ($10 million upfront), all for a highly controversial product that most people clearly didn’t want.

The company in question, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, had battled protesters, petitions and even the press for months before finally getting approval for its new “genetically engineered apple that doesn’t turn brown,” which was given the green-light by the FDA despite no independent, pre-market safety testing and no feeding trials.

Now, after years of speculation, three different GMO apples are expected to hit store shelves. And with no labeling and little to distinguish the genetically engineered version from natural apples, millions of people are being kept in the dark.

Three New Untested and Unlabeled GMO Apples

According to a recent post from the Facebook page GMO Free USA, a new genetically engineered Fuji apple has been approved by the USDA, much in the same way that the original ‘Arctic’ apple was approved.

In total, three new genetically engineered, non-browning apples have been approved: Arctic Golden, Arctic Granny Smith, and now the Arctic Fuji apple. Gala apples could be the next in line as well. The first two were expected to hit store shelves this fall, and now the Fuji apple could join them soon.

gmo apple

Fuji apples are the latest variety that have been genetically engineered. Starting this fall, buying organic is the best way to avoid GMO Fuji apples. Photo via

Because of the lack of safety testing, consumers will serve as the guinea pigs for what is being dubbed the new “botox” apple. Unlike regular apples, the new GMO apples don’t turn brown when they go bad, leading many to wonder whether or not consumers could inadvertently end up eating rotting, contaminated apples without even knowing it.

Following their approval, the Organic Consumers Association launched a campaign to prevent companies from using the unlabeled “GMO apples that don’t turn brown,” and it has made headway with McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Gerber already pledging not to use them.

4 thoughts on “Three New “Non-Browning” GMO Apples to Hit Store Shelves! Here is How to Avoid Them”
  1. Thanks for info. I Avoid GMO’s and am dismayed it is getting more difficult to tell the difference. I do not agree with ambiguous labeling and the non-consentual use of my health as a real time experiment for those that play with genetics

  2. GMO OMG!
    I found the documentary about the dad questioning GMOs, titled: GMO OMG, Excellent! It can be seen on Netflix.
    This documentary follows one father’s search for answers to the question “What are we feeding our families?” and examines the risks of GMOs.

    Director:Jeremy Seifert, Marie-Monique Robin Cast: Marie-Monique Robin 1h 25m

    One more comment from me. How many years did you drink water that had by-products from the phosphate fertilizer companies? The hydrofluorosilicitic acid (a form of fluoride), arsenic, lead, chromium,…. literally scraped from the sides of the venting columns and shipped to your water department to be added to the water you drink, mix your babies formula, and bathe in all the chemicals the “Company” did not want in their FERTILIZER.
    ARE THEY FOR REAL? They do not want this TOXIC WASTE in their fertilizer!!!
    They do not want to pay to have the toxic waste disposed of in a secure facility so it does not pollute the air, soil or WATER!
    Yet it is safe to put these chemicals in my/our drinking water. Not only is it safe to drink and bathe in the same chemicals the fertilizer companies do not want in their fertilizer, these same toxic chemicals will prevent cavities!
    Give me a break! I drank that crap for years, spit, barf, puke, yuck! How stupid was I for believing my government? In hind site, why shouldn’t I believe my government? Since fighting to get fluoride out of water, listening to Dr. Judy Woods about 9/11, Dr.Burzynski cured cancer years ago! see , and now GMO’s. what I had not noticed was my government had replaced people with companies. Companies have one goal and that is to bring profit to their shareholders. Are there any penalties or actions taken against business/companies when they are involved in illegal acts? I don’t think so. Isn’t that why all the money grabbing, leeches want to be or have a company? You can not put a company in jail?
    So be aware of Monsanto, Dow, the FDA who’s number two Big shot is a former CEO of Monsanto. And his job is to release safe products, including GMO’s for Americans to consume. Choose wisely what you put in your mouth. And if you know somebody is screwing with your food or your water SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN TO STOP, protect yourself and family and your Constitution, be an active part of your community, organize and vote.
    Please watch GMO OMG. f you have or know some one who has cancer watch Cancer is Serious Business

  3. Please teach your children to eat organic for the sake of their health. Their was an excellent documentary of a dad who taught his children about the difference between GMO’s and food. I will try and find the name. It was on Netflix about two years ago, in the documentaries.

  4. I know many people bow their head before they eat their meals and thank God for the food they are about to eat. Unless you are eating organically grown or NON-GMO food, You need to thank Monsanto or one of the several chemical companies that felt God’s or Mother Nature’s, (if you prefer) “recipes” for food should be altered by them and they should own the patent for GMO corn, apples, soy beans, alfalfa, and many, many, many more “fraudulent” food look a-likes sold at grocery stores. Check with the Board of Education and see how many GMO foods your children are being forced to eat without an organic choice available. I can see a huge similarity between adding untested by-products from the phosphorus fertilizer companies that include a form of fluoride to peoples drinking, water and passing off food including meat that have been created by a corporation AND NOT TESTED OR LABELED. BE AWARE OF WHAT HAS BEEN ADDED TO YOUR WATER AND DO NOT INGEST CORPORATE CREATED CRAP INTO YOUR BODIES (OR YOUR CHILDREN’S BODIES). YOUR BODY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH OBESOGENS so it dumps it at your waiste. Obesogens come from genetically modified organisms, pesticides and other chemicals. Learn how to avoid these very harmful aditives.

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