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By Samuel Strait – July 2, 2024

It has been over sixty years of nonstop badgering by “climate experts*, celebrities, and politicians, in print, on air, and through public speaking engagements that the American public has listened to tales of catastrophe wrought by human activity to the planet earth.  Literally dozens of deadlines have been set by the climate change faithful that human existence on the planet would end due to our continuing activities.  Endless scenarios have been offered as to why this would happen, and trillions of dollars have been expended in the name of “human caused climate change.  Yet, here we are.

As fast as evidence of this continuing charade emerges, it is quickly disputed and dispatched by actual history of events and science.  We are expected to believe that worsening weather events are actually happening when all evidence clearly states the opposite.  It has gotten to the point that the most ridiculous things are offered up as facts that catastrophic climate change actually exists beyond the fevered imagination of the faithful.  “Green energy”, electric cars and trucks are claimed as the path to salvation without any evidence that this path is prudent or will be successful.  It most certainly has become expensive without any evidence it is making any difference to climate.

Greenhouse gas theory, increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, global cooling, global warming, acidification of the ocean, depletion of the ozone layer are all the buzz words used for decades to force conformity on the human population without any justification,  Money spent by the trillions to tilt at environmental windmills.  Over all, the continual attack on standards of living, the less fortunate. and the basic economy by a religion, “Climate Change”, that has failed to make its case.  Time to end this hysteric messaging as an embarrassment that anyone ever took this seriously.  Time to let actual science guide us in the future.

It has been some years since warming and cooling have occurred beyond normal fluctuations, CO2 has ceased its climb, as have the dozens of “other” human caused impacts.  “Green” energy has proven to be expensive, unreliable, more toxic to the environment, and not fossil fuel independent.  Net zero energy has yet to make an appearance.  Electric vehicles are years away from being able to replace gasoline and diesel vehicles both in cost and reliability.  It is something that may never occur.  The idea that “human caused ” climate change is real has exceeded its useful shelf life by decades, and it is time to bring it to an end.

Scientists have long known that recent cycles of climate variation are not exclusive phenomena to the earth, but are mirrored by other planets in the solar system.  We are expected to believe solar radiation that passes through our atmosphere freely cannot return to space just as freely, but is somehow reflected back on earth to increase heating.  We are expected to believe more severe storms are happening due to the record costs associated with them, or drought was never a factor in the American Southwest.  Forest fires are now caused by climate change, despite physical evidence that massive forest fires occurred long before humans in any numbers occupied the Western United States.  The list of failures propagated by the Climate Change hysterics is endless, yet nothing seems to deter this “religion” from spewing its dogma.  

Times are changing as more and more people have lost faith in their so called “experts”.  Climate change no longer has the power to force conformity in the lives of a growing number of Americans.  Not that we shouldn’t aspire to be good stewards of the planet, it is just that rational thought should be part of the process, not blind faith.  Consider that weather is just that and cannot necessarily dictate climate over a period of time.  Nor can humans.  Climate change needs to gracefully exit the stage so Americans can be relieved of the burden of endless pandering by this failed religion. 

5 thoughts on “Time To End The National Embarrassment Known As Climate Change”
  1. Well said. It has been a scam that changes narrative over time, and Windpower will not help (relates to the local offshore scheme)

    The best documentary I have seen is on YouTube called Climate: The Movie (the cold truth)

  2. Fear drives consumption and control. They lost me by making predictions that completely failed, showing that the basis for the predictions was skewed. Meanwhile, Antarctica has more ice than 100 years ago.

    1. Read the article and the comments. Thirty years of research? Yet, doesn’t talk about Medieval Warming Period or when Greenland was ice free. World averages temperatures declining over the past eight, now nine years. The discovery that temperature variation on Mars mirrored the earth for the past several decades. Massive forest fires in the Western US years before a substantial human population existed. I could go on and on, but the key thing is the troublesome lack of humans using fossil fuels.

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