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By Science Reporter, Jaime Yarbrough – December 1, 2023

The DEL NORTE MUSHROOM CLUB (FB “Del Norte Mushoom Club” ) had  an excellent meeting 19 November following a successful foray up the South Fork of the Smith River on the previous Saturday.  Many of the members were new to mushrooms and foraging but were inspired by the annual Wild Rivers Mushroom Festival which happened the first weekend of the month.   

The area the almost dozen people went to spared by the recent fires and having recovered from the underbrush fire fuel cut back had a wide range of various mushroom species. The larger the diversity of mushrooms the greater the educational opportunities.  There were a healthy number of edible species for the attendees.  No one went away empty handed.   

The meeting on Sunday at the Family Resource Center 494 Pacific Ave, Crescent City, 2- 4PM, was attended by most of the same people and several had delicious potluck contributions (using store bought mushrooms, home made mushroom soup and stuffed mushrooms, etc.). But more importantly all had several mushrooms to be identified and great questions.  Club meetings are held the 3rd Sunday of each month from September to April.  Membership on the Facebook page is free, but I request a $10 donation is made for regular attendance PER SEASON.  

Currently, the boletes have run their course, there are still plenty of chanterelles, and lobster mushrooms, with the hedgehog and black trumpet season cranking up with the drop of temperatures.  For further information email:

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