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By Donna Westfall – May 12, 2023

Despite California ranking near the bottom in the nation for public education; there are good teachers out there in Del Norte County that love their jobs and inspire our children.

What can you do to show your appreciation? Here are some ideas:

Drop off crayons, pencils, colored construction paper or other school supplies

Write a letter of appreciation

Give a gift like a coffee mug

Gift cards to stores around the area

Donate funds to their classroom

Bring them some baked goods

A good book or two

Ticket or two to a movie

A personalized tote bag

Donation of your time in the classroom

One thought on “Today Ends Teacher Appreciation Week”
  1. Not to rain on anyone’s appreciation day, but those teachers that are worthy of appreciation might look within their ranks and clean up the current mess that is called euphemistically called “education” rather than indoctrination.

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