Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


70 years ago today, the Russians liberated Auschwitz. This date of remembrance was chosen by the United Nations because it falls on the anniversary of the liberation in 1945 of the Auschwitz death camp, the Nazis’ most notorious death camp and a symbol of the evil inflicted across the European continent.

In addition to the six million Jews killed, there were almost as many killed among homosexuals, people with disabilities, political opponents, Communists and countless others by people following the Nazi ideology based on racism.

If ever there was a time for civil disobedience, that was it.  Many Germans of the time claim they were unaware of what was taking place.

The first concentration camp was founded in Dachau, Germany in March, 1933. It held about 5,000 people and the majority were Communists and others described as “those who endanger state security.”

How easy is it for a gang of thugs to gain power in a city, then a town, then a country and then try to dominate the world? Apparently, easier than anyone thought.

The newspapers reported continuously of enemies of the state being removed to concentration camps.  Once opponents to the Reich were removed or eliminated, it became easier to sell the gospel of the Third Reich to the general population.  How were 3.5 million Germans removed to camps and 77,000 executed?  By gaining control of the civil justice system, by court-martials, and creating Special Courts.  Many of those Germans that were removed and/or executed were upstanding citizens of their country, having served in the military and in civil and government positions.

The Jewish Virtual Library, an on-line encyclopedia was launched in 1998.  According to their records, they estimate that there were 15,000 Nazi camps throughout all of occupied Europe. Prisoners were forced to wear identifying overalls with colored badges according to their categorization: red triangles for Communists and other political prisoners, green triangles for common criminals, pink for homosexual men, purple for Jehovah’s Witnesses, black for Gypsies, and yellow for Jews. By the war’s end, prisoners had been killed by deliberate maltreatment, scientific experiments, disease, starvation, dehydration, freezing, beatings, gassing, shootings, and ovens.

How easy is it for something like that to happen in our country and what would it take?

All it takes is for one charismatic person to form friendships and alliances throughout his town.  Once they have judges, District attorneys, law enforcement, government officials, doctors, dentists, and others in positions of power and influence as part of their  organization, it doesn’t take much to control almost all aspects of life in a town.  Once that’s in place, instilling fear and utilizing repression by eliminating or reducing the job market to the general population is next. Then recycling their cronies into the decent jobs, along with increasing costs and rates for day to day necessities, makes it so much easier to maintain control over the general population.

This is how organized crime works. They are subject to RICO laws (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.)

What has to happen to make sure this doesn’t occur in our country?

Utilize the laws in place.  If you are an eye witness to injustice, cruelty, exploitation or abuse; report it.  If no one in the town will listen, go to the next level until someone does listen. And utilize the media. Remember, the internet is a world wide web.

Keeping America free starts with each one of us. Bullies will always come and go. Be ever vigilant. Don’t let them get a toe hold.  If they do, get organized and fight back! Evil exists when good people stand by and do nothing.




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