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By Donna Westfall – January 9, 2021 – picture credit to Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

If you appreciate our Crescent City Police Department and Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department, then wear blue today to show your support.

Carving out this special day started in 2015 by multiple organizations, but primarily by C.O.P.S – Concerns of Police Survivors. According to them, law enforcement officers need to be shown that the difficult career path they have chosen is recognized by the people who they protect and uphold the law for. C.O.P.S. wanted to change the negative portrayal of police to a positive one.

Growing up in the ’50’s we were taught to respect our police officers. We were taught to go to them if ever we were in trouble. But over the years, officers overstepped their authority with brutality, as in the Black Hawk Pistol articles we published years ago. The backlash has been a long time in coming. Now, they are being taught de-escalation techniques as in the article we published December 23, 2020; “Shocking News About Our Local Law Enforcement…. Happy Ending.”

Enjoy some pictures and stories about our local law enforcement.

It’s not a donut, it’s a power ring.

From December 18, 2020:

“Not all stereotypes are untrue.

We’ll admit it; We at the DNSO like donuts. Today, we had a surprise visit by a valued colleague of ours. He was working in the area and was generous enough to bring by some “power rings” for the team.

The Undersheriff was more than willing to help disseminate them. Thanks buddy! You’re awesome! We hope you enjoy the badge and candy cane!”

Saving lives on December 10, 2020

Hero Status.

Sheriff Erik Apperson said “I have absolutely zero doubt that two lives were saved today because of brave deputies going above and beyond the call of duty. These are the circumstances people often overlook or never hear about when it comes to law enforcement personnel. These types of stories should be shouted from the tops of mountains and these heroes should be celebrated.”

Probably now more than ever, most people have an opinion regarding law enforcement and what their roles should be. I think it’s important to remember that law enforcement personnel are often the first on scene to any critical incident, even those types of scenes that most people would expect a different branch of public safety to handle.

By design, law enforcement officers are already in motion, ready to respond and are operating some of the most capable vehicles on the road. When seconds count, it’s crucial that anyone do whatever they can to save a life. Today, our DNSO dispatch center received a call reporting a capsized vessel near the area of Enderts Beach. Dispatcher Stevens was able to ascertain and relay the necessary information so that recue efforts could be set in motion. Deputy Stewart was on patrol with Deputy Fahndrich and began responding to the scene. The US Coast Guard deployed a helicopter. Deputy Downing and Deputy Owen also began responding.

Once the upside down vessel was spotted, deputies made their way down a trail from the roadway and traversed a lengthy stretch of beach by foot. Deputy Stewart estimated the small boat to be about 80 yards from the shoreline. Taking into consideration the water temperature and time it would take for another boat to respond, he chose to enter the water. He removed the gear that would weigh him down, put on a life jacket and secured a rope around himself. Deputy Fahndrich held on to the other end of the rope and they made their way to the vessel.

Once out to the boat, Deputy Stewart was able to make contact with someone inside it by striking the vessel with his hands. The fisherman was utilizing an air pocket and did not want to leave his fellow fisherman behind. Deputy Stewart coached him out and pulled him to shore. Making his way back to boat, Deputy Stewart was able to confirm another passenger was beneath it. Deputy Stewart also noticed a gas leak.

The United States Coast Guard landed their helicopter on the nearby shore and Lieutenant O’Neill made his way to the vessel along with Deputies Owen, Downing and Fahndrich. While Fahndrich, Owen and Downing were able raise one side of the boat, Deputy Stewart and Lieutenant O’Neill successfully removed the second trapped fisherman. He was taken to shore as well. Both men were transported from the scene for medical needs.

Today’s water temperature was estimated to be about 50 degrees.

One thought on “Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”
  1. Most of the Crescent City Police Department are good. The same cannot be said for the staff at the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department. I have personally been the target of a former Sheriff who smeared me online and among his peers and others in the community. I had to personally identify where cop lived, what they drove, their phone numbers, email addresses and other information and memorize it all and setup a “dead man switch” just in case the former Sheriff or another detective decided to come after me again. I was ready. It finally took me calling him at his home as he was sitting down for dinner and then physically blocking him and confronting him before he finally removed the defamation. Luckily, the Del Norte County Sheriff department wised up and left me alone and ever since, it’s been pretty quite. I was finally able to move on to take down the individuals who put me in prison, stalked me online and I’m about to go into court in two days to finish what I started. I have succeeded in multiple high profile victories and would rather not be stuck dealing with these creeps in court. While it would be satisfying to take everything they own from them, I just don’t have the energy. I got bigger fish to fry.
    With the exception of two staff members at the CCPD who are total scum and are unfit for duty, there are in fact some really great people who work in that department.
    Sadly, I have difficulty supporting law enforcement who can’t clean their own damned house.

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