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By Angry Old American
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Much of the world were shocked and saddened by last weekend’s surprise attack on Israel. Hundreds of
Israeli civilians and soldiers were summarily executed by HAMAS terrorists in a bloodbath reminiscent
of the Roman annihilation of Carthage. While some mourned the loss of innocent lives, rallies were held
throughout the world to celebrate and show solidarity with the terrorists. Many such Radical Islamist
rallies were held here in the United States.

This attack was not a total surprise to many. The Biden administration supplied $6 Billion to Iran, a
principal financial supporter of HAMAS. At the same time the Pentagon is dismantling our Special
Forces, which has been our most effective weapon against global terrorism. Most telling was the recent
lack of financial and military support for Ukraine. Our Military Industrial Complex needs that money and
more in order to satisfy its investors.

Israel, a land fused by the solidarity of religion and culture, was hit hard and seemingly unprepared. All
Israeli Citizens are required to serve in the military. Many Israelis are required to own and carry firearms,
and “safe-rooms” are common in many homes. What then of the United States, the “Great Satan,” who’s
people are divided and isolated, and who’s culture is already under attack and demonized by mainstream
media, our educational system and government itself?

During the Biden Administration, the USA has become extremely vulnerable to attack, both from foreign
and domestic enemies. Much of our Middle Class, once stable and productive, have become disillusioned
after attacks by regulations and pro-criminal judicial policies. Workers have become homeless and drug
addicted. Our youth aspire to lofty ambitions as Tik Tok Influencers and Only Fans Whores. Men are bad,
while Girlie-Boys are held on a pedestal, even in our military. What would happen to American Citizens if
such an attack were to happen in our own homeland?

Our borders are wide open, and many millions of illegal immigrants have gained entry; most of them
being military aged males. These immigrants have been shipped throughout the USA at government
expense. Others have rightfully been bused by conservative states to the Ultra-Marxist inner-cities that
supported illegal migration and offered sanctuary.

How many of these migrants support Radical Islam and would happily visit the same Gaza-Israeli carnage
on us? Our government, who’s only security concern is MAGA Republicans, seemingly welcomes
Radical Islamists into our country. Their Ultra-Marxist brethren are sympathetic to their cause, and many
would willingly accept any attacks upon Christianity and Judaism in North America.

An Aircraft Carrier Strike Group has been sent to the region in order to free American hostages of
HAMAS, and financial assistance has begun to flow to Israel. Will this spark reprisals from our own
domestic Radical Islamists? Can we expect attacks on our homeland? Would these attacks even be
reported by our mainstream and social media? Would our weaponized Justice Department take action, or
would MAGA Republicans remain public enemy number one?

As always, we disenfranchised Riff-Raff have nothing to say about the decisions made by the Oligarchs in
our ruling class, or the government leaders who toady to their every whim. We can only care for ourselves
and our own. Should we rely on our government to protect us, or should we actively protect ourselves,
our families and communities? Now is the time to accumulate self-defense tools and become proficient in
their use. Now is the time to train with neighbors in the event of such an attack happening on American
soil, in this State, County and City. If we wait for the inevitable carnage to begin, it will be too late.

5 thoughts on “Today Israel, Tomorrow the USA”
  1. Excellent summation. The girly-boyz paradigm along with drugs, obesity, too many tatoos, and drugs and teen suppression are why recruiting numbers are rarely made. If internally attacked very few would have the ability or willingness to take up arms.

    The film Idiocracy is becoming a documentary. Parenting isn’t what it used to be. Scouting can still take up the slack

  2. Webmaster yes every word you say is true, however look at New York it’s lost to the left. Watch the news. American people have for gotten 911. If people keep protesting against Jews we will have one more 911. These people are crazy. In there eyes Hamas can do no wrong.

  3. We do forget that Israel constantly evicts these folks off their own land. That the formation of the nation is questionable. Annexation of the Golan Heights for Genie Energy in Syria. The Middle East has seen about 5 million dead as a result of our forever wars including us funding 20% of Israels military budget. With our own budget and concerns, why not look in our own back yard once in while instead of finding someone for our grandkids to fight with (over dubious and greedy concerns). Libya, Syria, Iraq, a number more and I think General Clark said it would end with Iran. MLK comes out in 2030.. the FBI info from the agency the King family sued to find they were responsible in the Lloyd Jowers trial. Time to look to our very real invaders.. foreign and domestic.

    1. So is that reason enough (Hamas killing of innocents) to allow the death and destruction of human life in a sneak attack? Do your homework and find out why the Palestinians
      are where they are. What other Arab countries wanted them? Yes, we do need to look in our own backyard and take care of business, which will never happen with Pres. Biden.
      However, we (the USA) also needs our relationship with Israel. And, I do believe that Iran is behind a lot of this hatred, death & destruction. Even if they (Jew hating
      Arabs) succeed in killing every Jew in the world, they will find another enemy…. starting most likely with American’s.

      1. Innocents get killed in war. Most of the genocide we did in the middle east were kids. War does not decide who is right, just who is left. The first casualty in war is the truth. Look at the numbers, the history, just from this summer in land grabs. What makes these people too low to have a military and defend their land? What makes this nation and Israel so great as to have a free pass on hypocrisy? USS liberty 1967. Johnson ordered a press blackout to protect Israel from embarrassment. Dozens of our sailors dead to make it look like Egyptians and get us into war. Plus they blew up our offices in Egypt. False flags. Honesty is needed. Time will be needed to find the truth. MLK comes out in 2030. Not sure when our backing of genocide in the middle east comes out. Freedom fighting is bloody. Hope they make peace soon.

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