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Opinion Piece By Donna Westfall – April 24, 2018 – I think it’s common knowledge that Republican’s by and far are against SB 54, (Sanctuary State), while Democrats are for.

The one wrinkle in our County is that while the four Republican candidates have all announced their views against SB 54, (Jake Smith – District 3; Dave Mason, Ron Phillips and Roger Daley, District 4); our own Supervisors have taken a different stance.

Last year during a Board of Supervisors meeting  when it came time to vote on sending a letter of opposition to SB 54; Roger Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz voted FOR.  Lori Cowan and Chris Howard voted AGAINST, (both are registered Republicans).  And, Gerry Hemmingsen abstained without any explanation.  He’s a registered Democrat and appears to be a stooge of the state currently dominated by Democrats.

Back in the 1960’s when John F. Kennedy ran for President, I stuffed envelopes; thousands of envelopes to help get him elected.  That was before I could even register to vote.  From that time until I moved to Del Norte County in 2007, I was a registered Democrat.

But something was amiss in this County.  We had harmful fluoride in our water for 44 years. When I tried to talk to the Democratic Central Committee, I was shocked at the extremely disrespectful way they treated me. Specifically, Martha McClure and Kathryn Murray to name just two.  And that was the beginning of the end of my devotion to the Party.

Some in this county want to make  SB 54 about racism.  That is not the case. It’s about the law.  Countries have borders. That’s part of being a country. Countries have immigration laws.

And, that’s where we are today.  Our immigration laws have been made a mockery in our State.

So, feel free to attend today’s Del Norte County Board of Supervisors meeting as Agenda #15 is going to discuss SB 54.







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