Mon. Jun 24th, 2024



Code Enforcement form – To bring up a copy, go to Read More, click on Code Enforcement form.

Here’s one more tool to work with in combating crime. Whether you’re part of a neighborhood watch group or not, it’s

one of those simple steps you an take to start the ball rolling.

Example: Do you suspect that house down the block of cooking and distributing meth?  Clink on the Code Enforcement Form and print it out.

Fill it out the best you can and put a big  “X” next to ILLEGAL USE/ZONING VIOLATION.

Write in any additional information, sign it and take it in to:

Del Norte County Code Enforcement Office at 981 H St, Suite 110.

Whenever I take paperwork in to the City or County, I make two copies.

1 copy to hand in.

1 copy to keep that has been date stamped by the agency.

This allows me to track it.

I recommend you do the same thing.




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