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By Doug & Donna Westfall – August 18, 2017 –

My husband is the kinda guy that will eat virtually anything as long as it doesn’t have beets or okra in it. He loves his hamburgers, fries and soda’s.  Equally comfortable with fish and chips; occasionally Chinese or Thai food, but not crazy about Japanese. He’s rarely eaten Greek food, so, when I suggested Marlo’s for Greek/Italian food, he was lukewarm.

We got there at 1:30 pm and the place was half full with more coming in. Looking over the blackboard menu were:  pork, chicken, soup, rice and pasta’s. My favorite was the pork/loin with cranberry & balsamic sauce. Doug says, “It was all good, but my favorite was the Cajun Spiced Chicken which wasn’t too spicy at all.”

Marlo’s is located at 632 M Street, in Crescent City but really on Hwy 101 going North, the block before Walgreens.  They are open for lunch buffet from 11 am -2 pm, and for dinner from 4-9 pm.  Service is friendly and helpful. We got the feeling they loved working there. The food was delicious.  There was sufficient variety between salads, meat dishes, rice, and soups to satisfy everyone’s palate. Lunch buffet $11.99 each and as many trips through as you want. Drinks and dessert are separate. It’s still  a whole lot cheaper than flying to Greece.  You can call to make a reservation at  (707) 465-8388.


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