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By Congressman Kevin Kiley – February 24, 2023

I spent the last two days in Arizona at the border. While I was there, we received good news from California. The State Supreme Court affirmed that several school districts – including LA, Oakland, and San Diego – acted illegally by imposing COVID vaccine mandates.

So Newsom tried a statewide mandate and had to withdraw it in humiliation; other officials tried district mandates and were rebuked by Newsom’s own judges. In sum, parents have won a total and complete victory against the corrupt California political establishment.

And there’s more. Our pressure on universities is starting to get results, as Columbia University is ending its own student vaccine mandate. I am on the committee that oversees higher education in America; there is much more to come.

But back to Arizona, where I joined other Members of the House Judiciary Committee for a tour of the border in Yuma. I stood by unfinished gaps in the border fence where migrants arrive in waves, often on a drug or human trafficking mission from the cartels.

During the on-site committee hearing, I had a notable exchange with the Sheriff about how Biden’s border policies have been a bonanza for the cartels. I called on Biden to fire Secretary Mayorkas and replace pro-cartel policies with pro-America policies.

At the same time, we are fighting to stop Biden from promoting Newsom’s Labor Secretary, Julie Su, to be the next U.S. Secretary of Labor. Our California letter in opposition made national headlines and even caused the Sacramento Bee to ask if Biden is “rewarding incompetence.”

I’ll be making the case against Su – and by extension, Newsom – in a major speech on the House Floor this coming Monday.

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