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By Investigative Reporter, Linda Sutter – September 28, 2023

Today only 2 board members showed up for the Tri-Agency meeting held at the Board of Supervisors Chambers. Chair White from Harbor District and Dean Wilson from the County. No city members.

The Agenda that was given to me from Del Norte County Counsels office pictured on the left was quite different from the one handed out by board member Dean Wilson that is black and white on the right.

One detail had changed.  “Emergency Item”  Del Norte County Counsel Joel Blair’s replacement. Members of the public as well as county CEO Neil Looez, Randy Hooper, and UC Davis  Dompke also made an appearance to this meeting.

Wes White was served with a Verified Petition for Writ of Mandate . The mandate listed 4 causes of action which included violations of the Brown Act, violation of California Public Records Act, breach of Fiduciary duties, waste of Public Funds, and requested an order to show cause why the Tri-Agency should not dissolve.

Wes White handed the filed complaint to Del Norte County Counsel Joel Blair, who handed the complaint back to Chair Wes White. Blair stated he was no longer Tri-Agency Attorney. County Counsel Blair had been giving “in kind” Attorney service to the Tri-Agency for the past 2 years.

Since there was no qurom,  none of the items were discussed. What is interesting is Item number 5. “To discuss the return of County contribution from the Tri-Agency which was approved by the board of supervisors earlier this year and on July 25, 2023,  during a joint committee meeting where the Board members undermined public democracy by turning deaf ears to the public when the public asked for the Tri-Agency to be dissolved.

Lastly, Chris Howard made an appearance at 10 minutes after 3 pm. But by then the public had dispersed and Chair White left the building.

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