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By Branden Bieber – September 5, 2023

Not sure why I’ve involved myself with the quagmire of local politics, but endured another public
meeting of the Tri-Agency on Thursday the 31 st . The meeting was another example of our swelling
government’s incapability to maintain infrastructure, combat the homeless and substance abuse,
manage natural resources, or generate ANY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT other than MORE

In fact, local policy restricts private industry economy, incentivizes social service dependency, and nearly
requires working families to move away! Before Covid, Del Norte County had failed at delivering
opportunities to our youth, failed to provide local care for our aging population, and failed to promote
any private industry economy. Post Emergency Dictated Covid policy in Del Norte County is imposing
poverty, substance abuse, real-estate uncertainty, and staggering inflation.

The Tri-Agency meeting attendees included four of the six board members, one County Council, one
Clerk, and three public attendees. The board of elected officials failed to accomplish anything at the
meeting, and didn’t cast a single vote, or agree to do anything. Or, “maybe” they were going to write a
letter to the other agencies (City, County, Harbor) for support in upgrading our power transmission lines.
The Agenda stated, “discuss and take possibly action to hire an Agency Executive”. The Agenda also
itemized to “discuss and take possible action to amend the Joint Powers Agreement and possible name

Typical of County Councils “off the cuff” procedural indoctrination of larger government, Joel Blair
Campbell didn’t even have the amended agreement finalized for the meeting. And the Administrative
Analyst position to be approved??? No discussion of overhead, pensions, and salary range but they were
pretty sure they needed to spend tax dollars. The Tri-agency doesn’t have a mission statement, or even
a concept to a strategical economic plan.

With a lack of accountability, local governance is exponentially expanding, while our freedoms of
logging, fishing, hunting, and capitalism are being extinguished. Our political parties have been
sabotaged, our elections delivered with skepticism, and individual freedoms are being tested. Maybe
someone can write a letter, asking our elected officials to do more than spend money, and write letters!

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