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By Linda Sutter – November 14, 2021

Triplicate reporter Diana Bosetti writes to divide and Conquer.

November 12, 2021, Diana Bosetti writes an article, “Counties looking how to handle outbursts.”

In her halfwit written article, she brings up the fact that third district Supervisor, Chris Howard who spent public money to attend a CSAC meeting in Sacramento, where this “issue” of Public Outbursts was on the agenda of the electeds discussion.

Ms. Bosetti then writes about Curry and Del Norte County, where people are yelling out from their seats or at the Podium. Are you Kidding Me? Ms. Bosetti then fails to report that a member of the public offered a reasonable explanation of these outbursts. Instead, Ms. Bosetti offensively and intentionally felt it was ok to write her article in a way that would cause more division among the public.

With that said, I spoke up at the podium during public comment to offer a reasonable explanation about why there are “outbursts as they want to call them.” “When you lock down a country for two years. when you force people to get vaccinated and wear masks. when you keep people from public meetings and corruption sets in, then the public is going to rise up against the elected and the government.

Clearly, people don’t feel they are being heard, and the elected don’t care. So now what is this an indication of?

Since this topic was so eminent that it caused a discussion at a CSAC meeting using public money, maybe there is a real cause of concern coming our way. It looks like these public officials want to silence the public, and if they are talking about it at CSAC, then some idiot will be developing legislation to throw you in jail if you speak out against them.

If this doesn’t sound familiar then you are not paying attention. What do they do to people in China who speak out against the government? They are thrown in prison or murdered. What is going on in our own backyard? Forced mandates, social distancing, masks, and now we are considered a threat for “outbursts?”

I would think the liberals would be concerned about this. As for the Triplicate writer Ms. Bosetti, shame on her for contributing to the contention tactics of divide and conquer the public. She too will have consequences for speaking out in the not-so-distant future.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on the Triplicate article. I too was concerned with the subject and tone of the article. As an aside, I was amazed that the Triplicate’s journalist would use the word podium rather than lectern when the latter is the item referred to in the article. Simple way to differentiate the two: a podium is what one stand upon and a lectern is what one stands behind.

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